10 Advantages for Women who are Single and Living Alone!


Dr. Vijita Ningombam

Indian society today sees many single women, who live alone, manage their living, and pursue a career of their choice. Women who live alone do have their lonely moments. However, living alone his its own positives, it is bliss. So what are those things that make living alone a bliss? What are the positives that turn a woman’s loneliness into happiness?

Become the leading lady of your life’s movie! We become Superstars! We dance around in just a t-shirt and there is no one to judge us.

Remain carefree! We sing on top of our lungs or may be with our head phones in our ears and we lip synch because that way when we don’t know the words we still continue singing like we are performing on the stage.

Don’t bother for petty things! We care least about what to wear. We sometimes walk out of the house in the same t-shirt we wore in the previous night, without even combing our hair. No one is there to be embarrassed about the mess we look like.

Nobody’s there to judge you! Spend 5 hours dressing up and deciding what to wear. At least 3 times into the dress we have to wear before we finally take a shower and put on the dress that we actually have to wear for the party without having any one to tell us -ENOUGH!!

No disturbance in Self-pampering! When we are late, there is no one to tell us not to go in for our last minute shower where we actually forget there is something called time and we start noticing how amazingly the shower gel is foaming up , or look into the mirror and make some weird faces but leave with a smile in the end or we just think it’s a compulsion to apply shampoo thrice followed by the conditioner which has to be kept on for a while and then may be waste a little hair spa just because it smells good as well.

Dance like nobody’s watching! Try twerking just because it’s in or try some YouTube exercise or dance video only to realise after many trial moves that it’s not your take yet not feeling stupid or like a failure because no one was watching us.

No need to shy away! Take a video of our own just because we want to see how a dress looks from the back with no pressure of deleting it because no one opens any of our gadgets.

Have the freedom to take charge! Flirt with anyone we want without feeling guilty at all. If someone hurts us, there are another bunch making us feel special.

Learning to love yourself! Lastly, we start enjoying our own company, become self-sufficient and learn to make ourselves happy without having to depend on anyone or anything.

Fairytales & Mills and Boon Actors do exist! We still believe in fairy tale endings. “That some day he’s going to come into her life and sweep her off her feet, love her more than anything and they live happily ever after!!”

(First published by The Indian Republic web magazine.)


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