CCpur District Hospital superintendent clarifies on child`s death


By Alex Guite

LAMKA, April 16: Superintendent of the CCpur District Hospital Dr Shyam Sunder Singh, MD today clarified regarding the death of an 11 year old boy after being operated upon at the hospital and said the hospital had tried its level best to save the little boy.

It may be mentioned that the 11 year old had died after being operated for his injuries received last Thursday during an accident while riding with his parents in a motorcycle.

The accident occurred near the Tuning Bridge of Sangaikot TD Block and the boy fractured his left leg. He was operated around 2pm and died the same day around 6.30pm.

A team of the MACR CCpur Chapter led by convener Dr Nicky called on Dr Shyam Sunder to talk on the issue.

He said that the doctors took all possible steps to save the boy.

The superintendent elaborated that, the case is a very “rare case- one in a million.”

He said the doctors did everything they could including importing the special rod/instrument to fit in to the bone morrow of the kid in their bid to save him.

At the same time, he admitted that that method was new and complicated.

“Without injecting that special rod in the bone morrow it would have been impossible to save the child, but unfortunately the instrument led to capillaries malfunctioning, blocking blood flow in the veins leading to the child’s death,” the doctor who is one of the most renowned orthologist in the state lamented.

He said the surgeon attending to the child were all competent and seen sobering after the kid “lost the battle.”

When asked by the MACR team on the issue of a doctor on duty turning down a five year old critically sick kid to go back to their referring doctor, following which the parents had to take their kid to a private clinic, the superintendent said he will look seriously into the incident and make it sure that it is not repeated in the future.

The MARC team also visited the CMO office to inquire about the mortality rate of the district.

However, in the absence of CMO Dr T Guite, addl CMO Dr Seiboi said that they have no such statistics.

Nonetheless, he said in his personnel view the rate is almost negligibly low and that for the entire state the rate is as low as 11 in 1000 births.


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