ISBT at CCpur paints a picture of neglect


By Alex Guite

LAMKA, April 16: The Inter State Bus Terminal at Pangawl Village, Lamka is a picture of disgrace and a safe haven for many anti-socials who look for deserted places to carry out their nefarious business.

A team of media persons today made a quick visit to the ISBT and found the terminal had become a picture of pity and disgrace.

The two 15 by 15 feet rooms and the two other 15 by 30 feet rooms and the equally large corridor have remained unattended and neglected and was found habituated by ruffians looking for deserted places to do their trade.

Locals and passersby said they were unable to pinpoint the reason behind the non-functioning of the ISBT.

However, they said they had seen unidentified persons taking away the bricks from the wall of the fence using  rickshaws and tractors.

Construction of the building started in the last decade, nevertheless there were no stone or plaque in place mentioning the date of the building’s construction.

It is also deplorable to see that such an important building lies in isolation for a long time without a caretaker.      

Meanwhile, a section of the Pangzawl village viewed that the government need to bring down the building as it has only encouraged the young to enter it and try out intoxicants and other immoral things.

Officials of the PWD, in the meantime have washed their hands off the project declaring that the department is unaware of the condition as the project funding had stopped since the last couple of years.

CCpur is use to this kind of project where, construction had taken more than a decade, like the bus terminal which lies in the suburb of Lamka town lamented a private school teacher.

This is a shining example of development stagnation in the area, she further said.

The IFP had also found that there were many projects funding under SPA which are yet to be completed physically although they are complete on paper.

It may be worth mentioning that on June 16, 2012, the contractor of the bus terminal Paulmimlien filed an FIR no 62 (6) 2012 Ccp 427/379 IPC &3RD PP (D) Act at Ccpur PS as the infrastructure component ware looted with no apparent explanation.


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