Narendra Verma points at possible hung parliament


CCPUR, April 5: The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) candidate for the outer Manipur parliament constituency C Doungel, on Saturday, held an election meeting in Synod Hall at IB Road in Lamka, CCpur with the promises of peace, prosperity and progress.

The public campaign for the NCP candidate was started at 1 pm with the representatives from NE states including observer of Nationalist Congress Party Narenda Verma, the National Secretary of NCP.

On the occasion, the candidate spoke at length on the important of protecting the right of the tribal particularly the chief and their right. He said that the Manipur govt does own land in the hills except of some areas like Dampi forest reserve.

C Dougnel continued that Village Authority devalued power of the chief and stressed the need for more power and resource. He said that the main demand in the hills is autonomy which definitely finds its solution with Six Schedule as recommended by Bordoloi Committee.

He further added that he was amused at the choice of the congress candidate as they don’t have another option, they randomly go for the sitting MP and further mentioned the govt. had undermined the Raja of Manipur Palace and been trying to take over it as it is the symbol of the Manipur culture and tradition. Likewise, the same will be happened to the chiefs of the hills, he opined.

The NCP candidate made it a point that, if he was elected, he will fight for one and all irrespective of community, be it the Naga and other. On the question of the contentious in the hills of Manipur about SoO, irrespective of their support, he will do the needful. “Our future is in our hand”, he said and continued that if he is elected, it will be good for one and all.

Delivering his election speech, Narendra Verma, the NCP leader opined that there will be a hung parliament in post election India.

Verma, who was instrumental in defeating Raj Thackeray in Maharashtra, said that he was overwhelmed by the support he had seen from the people of Manipur and added that the honest and untainted candidate like C Doungel, it is sure to win.

Later in the evening, Verma, in a press conference, expressed that there was no such thing of Modi wave which is just a myth and added that if he had made a wave ‘why is he so nervous to contest in two seats for the coming MP election.

He also said that the Gujarat model is a hopeless model as the state is given to big company with a loss of more the 30 crores while small companies are withering.

Replying to media quarry, he maintained that it was under the initiative of the NCP that Rs 16000 crore of loan of the farmer had been waived. The NCP leader, who will stay in the state till April 9 polling said that the present Govt is sleeping and continued that they need to wake up with the elevation of C Doungel to parliament.


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