New Checkon Acquisition: Irabot hints at Cong infighting


IMPHAL, April 5: Voicing his strong opposition against the acquisition of huge residential area in New Checkon area for the construction of proposed Secured Government Housing Colony, Wangkhei MLA, Yumkham Irabot opined that it is a plot to assassinate his political career by fellow congressman.

Speaking to IFP, the senior politician divulged that it was a discretionary decision of the Chief Minister as the notification issued for acquisition of land neither consulted the Imphal Municipal Council or has approval of the state Cabinet.  

He further pointed out that under the Rules of Business of the State of Manipur the decision of the state cabinet is necessary for such matter besides it is mandatory to consult the IMC under the provisions of the Aims and Objects of the Land Acquisition Act, 2013 (the latest amended Land Acquisition Act).

The senior congress legislator calculated that the move will initially discourage his voters (congress supporters) which ultimately affects the outcome his performance in the ensuing MP election thereby reducing his reputation within fellow congress legislators.   

The acquisition will likely affect three polling stations of Wangkhei constituency which is believed to be the stronghold of Irabot. In total seven areas will be affected which included Dimdailong, Namthanpung, Mission Lane, Maring Lane, Chassad Avenue, Pureiromba Leikai and Nongpok Ingkhol.

Ruling out any legitimacy of the proposed moved, he steadfastly vowed to confront with all his might.

Meanwhile, Y Irabot also informed to have sent a written petition to AICC general secretary NE-incharge, Luizinho Faleiro, in this connection.

In the petition the senior congress legislator, also explained on the lack of legitimacy of the land acquisition move said that the acquisition order was released only on the approval of the Chief Minister.

Informing that the villages have been settling there for more than 50 years having land pattas and Dag chithas, he said that the bonafide voters in the said affected villages having considerable number of voters in three polling stations are annoyed and harassed on the eve of the ensuing Inner Parliamentary Election.

He further stated that despite being the sitting MLA of the said constituency he was not consulted, he said “it was high time for all sincere Congress workers to work unitedly despite of having differences among ourselves with the only determination of winning the ensuing parliamentary election”.


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