Sadar Hills district a top priority, Momoi Gangte tells public


KANGPOKPI, April 5: “I came here for you, I know your grievances and I am very much concerned of it. I am asking for your valuable votes I don`t need your blood to give you a full-fledged Sadar Hills.”

This was stated by CPI (ML) candidate for Outer Manipur PC Momoi Gangte for the people of Sadar Hills in a simple function held at Kangpokpi this evening.

I don`t need your wealth, properties, efforts and blood to give you a full-fledged Sadar Hills district, he said.

“The only thing I need from the people of Sadar Hills is your valuable vote. If I am elected as the representative to the parliament I will give you a full-fledged Sadar Hills District,” asserted Momoi Gangte while adding “I am not a person who will say “I don`t know Sadar Hills” in New Delhi but I will shout aloud that I Know and Love Sadar Hills in the Parliament.”

While speaking to local media person after the meeting the CPI(ML) candidate also said that he will push for early political dialogue between UPF/KNO and the Govt of India before adding that he will staged a democratic form of dharna at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi until UPF/KNO has been called for Political Dialogue, if elected.

Momoi Gante also assured that he will work for the repeal of the AFSPA totally from the hill districts of the state, before wondering why the Congress government continues to enforce the act in the hill districts.

Momoi Gangte also said that I will struggle for the Loktak Hydro Power Project which is still under the Centre Govt. to be handover to the state the earliest since the project has also exceed three times the cost of production.

“The people of eight assembly segment in the valley of Manipur who have the rights to vote but denied to contest has really move me and I feel that half of their constitutional rights has been forcibly taken away,” pointed out Momoi Gangte before adding that if I am elected I will struggle to restore their full rights.

Manipur has been dominated by four major communities since time immemorial. If the most populated communities i.e. the Meetei have wholeheartedly support and endorse BJP whose ideology is communalism it will bear a fruit of communalism attitude among them which will threaten the territorial integrity asserted Gangte while adding that BJP is the one who initiate ceasefire agreement with the NSCN-IM without any territorial limit which clearly pointed out that BJP is always a threats to various society of Manipur and its territorial integrity.

While seeking votes from the general public of Sadar Hills particularly the young generation Momoi Gangte vowed to give emphasize to the educated unemployed youths, women and young learners stating its time for the youth who are the future pillar of the nation to be involved in politics and make changes while keeping in mind that the old and aged persons will always keep us behind everything.


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