Wake Up Call To All Voters Of Manipur Part III


( Part-3)

By Dr. Khomdon Lisam

Regarding the BJP ,  the following facts may be examined

1. In September 1990, BJP leader L. K. Advani began a “rath yatra” to Ayodhya, UP in support of the Ram Mandir movement. The yatra sparked off communal riots in several cities, leading to Advani`s arrest by the government of Bihar. Despite this, a large body of `kar sevaks` (volunteers) or Sangh Parivar activists reached Ayodhya, On December 6, 1992, a large crowd of Hindu Karsevaks entirely destroyed the 16th-century Babri mosque in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh in an attempt to reclaim the land known as Ram Janmabhoomi. The demolition occurred after a rally supporting the movement turned violent and resulted in several months of inter-communal rioting between India`s Hindu and Muslim communities, causing the killing of at least 2,000 people. Is this  not  communal on the part of BJP to indulge in such activities?  Is it not communal ?

2. In the Gujarat Riot in 2002 , 790 Muslims , 254 Hindus were killed and 2500 people injured. There were instances of rape, looting and destruction of properties.  On 27 February, 2002, the Sabarmati Express train returning from Ayodhya was stopped near Godhra  railway station and burnt including 59 people . Is it not communal riot?

3. It is reported that 387 farmers committed suicide during 2005-2009 in Gujarat  due to debt and crop failure. During 2012 alone, 564 farmers committed suicide in Gujarat ,  Is this  Gujarat model?

4. It is reported that more than 60,000 small scale industries have been closed down in Gujarat in the last ten years.  Is it the Gujarat model Narendra Modi was talking about . Is it Gujarat model.

5. It is reported that people have to give bribe for getting BPL cards and jobs in Gujarat. The corruption is rampant in Gujarat as anywhere else . The condition of Government schools is very bad.

6.The BJP Manifesto says that corruption is a manifestation of poor governance.  But why the BJP and Congress parties in Delhi vehemently blocked the passing of  Anti-corruption Bill -Jan Lokpal Bill by saying that the Jan Lokpal Bill was unconstitutional. Is fighting for  corruption unconstitutional .

7. If BJP believes in secularism, why should the BJP manifesto give emphasis to the construction of Rama temple in Ayodhya ?

8. If fighting for corruption is the main agenda of BJP, why should Yeddyurappa , the chief Minister of BJP ruled  state of  Karnataka   go to jail on corruption charges in Mining scam.

9. If BJP produce a Prime Ministerial candidate for the entire nation, why should he select Vanarashi which is the spiritual capital of India as his safe constituency.

10.The Vajpayee administration was accused for not taking timely action to prevent the Kargil war (03 March, 1999 –26 July, 1999 ) despite being in the know of Pakistan`s game plan at least a year in advance. The Kargil war was responsible for death of 524 Indian soldiers and loss of two aircrafts and one helicopter.

11. The Vajpayee Government was indicted by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India  (CAG) for emergency purchase of  about 500 caskets (coffins)  at a highly inflated rate of US $ 2500 per casket, which is 13 times higher than the actual price.

12.In 2001, the Tehelka sting operation caught the BJP president, Bangaru Laxman, accepting Rs100,000 in cash from journalists pretending to be defence dealers. The grainy spy-cam video clip of Laxman putting the cash in a drawer became a symbol of political corruption. No action was taken against Laxman till the UPA came to power in 2004

13. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India has strongly indicted the BJP government for  procuring anti aircrafts missiles and explosive release cartridge  in the name of Operation Vijay when both the contracts were “unnecessary”.

14. BJP  is  silent on AFSPA and Inner Line Permit system  just like Congress party.

15. Frankly speaking , people do not believe in what  the respected president of BJP, Manipur says. He is a tested man. He was the Union State Minister and also cabinet minster in Manipur holding the portfolio  of many departments.  He himself was well known to the people for his corrupt practices . He keep on jumping from one party to another for his own benefit.  How can people rely on him and his party.

Considering the above mentioned facts, it is very doubtful whether the Congress Party  or BJP will be able to check corruption, remove of AFSPA- 1958 from Manipur and  bring about amendment of  Indian constitution incorporating  Inner Line permit system, protecting territorial integrity of Manipur. The  BJP believed in the traditional way of winning election through money and muscle power. Similarly , the BJP will not be able to bring about any changes in the  present system. We have nothing to expect from BJP in Manipur.

Who will bring about  changes in the system  ?

In order to bring about the changes, the role of Lok Sabha MPs  is very important. But we have only two Lok Sabha against 543 MPs. Electing independent candidate may not be useful.  If the political party to which our MP belong  comes to power , it will be very good. If not he /she has to sit in the opposition. A good opposition MP is also very good. Our MPs  need to make friends with both ruling and opposition  MPs and discuss  Manipur’s core issues and the need  for their support. Our Manipur MPs failed miserably in this direction. They work individually  and there is disunity  among the two MPs. In order to be a successful MP, one  needs to study a lot regarding all aspects of Indian Constitution  and the core issues of Manipur. NO YAIPHA PAOJEL IS REQUIRED. We have  some very good candidates this time but people do not  want the party or  people want the party but they do not put up good candidates. There is a strong  need of the MP for working together with the Chief Minister.

To start with, the following suggestions may be put forward:-

1. Root out corruption at all levels. First of all , we need a clear–cut Government policy on rooting out corruption. The Hon’ble Chief Minister may kindly  declare a policy  statement that the State Government of Manipur is determined to root out corruption at all levels. Every election will be “free and fair” and “corruption-free”. The declaration may be made before the Lok Sabha election.We have laws like Jan Lokpal , Lokayukta etc. But laws alone may not be able to prevent and root out corruption. People have to participate in the process. We need to sensitise and mobilise people against corruption. Now the AAM AADMI PARTY is establishing Anti-Corruption Cell at the state level and Anti-Corruption Squad in every Polling Booth. It has already opened one HOTLINE inviting people to report corruption cases. The intension is to help the Government in rigorous implementation of anti corruption laws and work as a watch dog for all departments. It has a plan to recruit 120,000 members and volunteers.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister may kindly consider establishing a “Staff Selection Commission”  for recruitment of staff Grade- III and Grade-IV on the lines of MPSC. But we should not allow politicians  and corrupted senior officers to be associated with the commission. Further the Hon’ble Chief Minister may kindly consider establishing a “ Police Recruitment Board “ for selection of Constables, ASI, SI . Let us give hope to the young people of Manipur. This step alone will root out corruption at the time of recruitment. We need some political parties who will work with all honesty, sincerity , commitment, dedication and sacrifice .  AAM AADMI PARTY may be an alternative.

2. Provide 24 hour electricity  to  people of Imphal City and other towns in Manipur through privatization or public-private partnership. This can be done easily if the Government is committed.

3, Provide piped drinking water for all. Manipur is one of the region where there is heavy rainfall. The Public Health Engineering Department PHED)  may be asked to reimburse the money the people have spent for purchasing water if they are not able to provide drinking water. It is around Rs. 1000 per month. Only then, they will start opening their eyes. What is the purpose of existence of PHED with one Chief Engineer and so many engineers and staff if they can not provide quality  drinking  water in the heart of Imphal city for  the last 64 years.

4. Amendment of Article 371C of Indian Constitution Manipur  to protect the 2000 year old  territorial integrity of Manipur, to protect the rights, land, language , culture, traditions, mineral resources of the state  (1) the whole state of Manipur should be treated as a Hill State (2) The Article 3 of Indian Constitution  regarding alteration of state boundaries shall not be applicable in case of Manipur (3) Establishment of an Upper House  State  Legislative Council) with a minimum of 40 members  with provision for 10 nominated members. (4) Re-introduction of Inner Line Permit System in Manipur (5) The Number of Rajya Sabha MPs should be increased to seven on  the basis of equal representation of states as done in USA and other countries. This is one area where  the National political leaders befooled  the people from small states . We should raise our voice to  bring about changes (6) The number of Lok Sabha seats may be increased to 5 to make it viable. Even for the Anglo-Indian Community of only  200,000 population, Jawaharlal Nehru had given two Lok Sabha seats. To me, the Indian Constitution is extremely  discriminatory,  encouraging disunity, communal disharmony in Manipur. We should remember what B.R. Ambedkar said in the Rajya Sabha on 2nd  September, 1953 – , “my friends tell me that I have made the Constitution. But I am quite prepared to say that I shall be the first person to burn it out. I do not want it. It does not suit anybody….”. During the last 64 years, we, the Manipuris had never ask for amendment of Indian Constitution. We should assert our rights this time. I am afraid many young people of Manipur may follow B.R Ambedkar’s example if the Hon’ble Chief Minister continue to ignore the demands of the people.

5. Open one Sports University at Imphal as done in other states. If Manipur is the power house of sports, Manipur should get one Sports  university.

6. Open one University for culture  at Imphal : The culture of India is not complete  without  the culture of Manipur. Manipur is well known  as Culture Capital of India to foreign countries . Manipur should get one University for culture  with entire funding from Government of India.

There are many more core issues which I  would  like to bring  to the kind  notice of the Ho’ble Chief Minister  and honourable MPs at a later date. For achieving this goal , we need a strong people’s mass movement  which will give impetus to the efforts of MP or CM.


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