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CCpur students’ body resists decision to transfer teachers

LAMKA, May 30: The Churachandpur District Student Union (CDSU), in their continuous opposition to the State government’s order to transfer/ relocate more than 300 teachers from the district, snatched various files from government offices of the district today.

CDSU president Chin said that the student body has collected a bunch of files from the ZEO CCpur office and further disclosed that a number of files from 10 leading schools, in addition to the ZEO office, were also collected during the last week.

The president told IFP that they will burn the files if the government did not comply with its demand before June 2 which will be followed by intense agitation.

It may be recalled that the CDSU are demanding the revocation of the government/ cabinet order that will take more than 300 teachers from the district without proper mechanism to replace them. The president added that the decision is biased and has been meted out only in CCpur district.

The president of CDSU also lamented that the people from the valley, where there was no post available are filling up vacant post in the hills and after 2 to 3 years, they leave the district in the lurch.

The exercise was done to spoil the good academic progress brought by the 40 mathematics and science teachers who will be transferred as per the government order which, in turn, will spoil the balance of educational system that has been the hallmark of the success of education in CCpur district, Chin stated.

The CDSU also said that the students of the district got disturbed as the teachers are to be transferred from their duties which make teacher-student ratio of 95:1.




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