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An open letter to the Director of Education (S), Manipur


I am writing this letter to bring to your notice that I am a teacher who is presently posted at Irengbam Makha Primary School as the Headmistress-in-charge.I have been holding this post since August 2014.I and my colleagues have been working very sincerely and eagerly since then to promote govt. schools,admit and retain maximum number of students.

Out of the sanctioned post of six teachers in a Primary School,we just got four including myself.We are compelled to combine classes IV and V the whole year through.Though we try our best to give our best,there are certain inevitable instances where teachers have to take leave then the situation is further aggravated.This situation does not go down well with the parents who compare our school with the private ones where there is no shortage of teachers and well infrastructured.

I have brought this problem to the notice of our concerned ZEO many a times and he always seemed ever eager to help but is helpless as there is shortage of teachers in the Bishnupur district itself.But I also am aware that there is uneven distribution of teachers – in schools where there is nil or minimum no. of students,there usually is excess of teachers or atleast the required number of teachers is there.And in schools where there are some students and there is scope for increasing the number provided some help is extended from the authorities,the teachers are usually lesser and on demanding also are usually met with deaf ears.Sir,if you really and sincerely wish that government schools get back to their former glory, IT’S IN YOUR HANDS,SIR.Hope you will rise up to the occasion and straighten out the anomalies to whatever extent you can and render the much needed vigour to help government schools limp back to the former glory that is usually recalled by elders nostalgically.

It is also true that there are many teachers who shirk away their duties and are somewhat responsible for the present pathetic condition of government schools BUT it is also to be noted that there are also teachers,though countable,
1)who are eager to teach and became teachers just for the love of teaching and not as an option
2)who are ready to take pains to bring back government schools to greater heights
3)who is and are at the moment suffering and struggling in their own capacity to better the schools
4)and who eagerly awaits your intervention for a better and transparent functioning.

Of course,Sir would say,”Why don’t you come to the office and discuss in person and get this sorted out”.To be honest,Sir I had tried to meet you twice but unable to do so as you were in some meeting in one occasion or so.But then Sir,a thought crossed my mind that if I meet Sir and suppose you kindly help me out but then what about the other schools and teachers who face the same problem as our school. So,I have decided to use this social media.
Hope,Sir would kindly look into this problem of acute uneven distribution of teachers and help teachers in our endeavor to bring government schools to newer levels of glory.


A concerned teacher,
Khomdram Rita Devi
Irengbam Makha Primary School


  1. H/Mistress, Rita.
    A good job has been INITIATED by exposing your school-problem through media by writing letter. To seek appointments for meeting DE (S) is also a burden. Your writing will open the matters to public. Besides, you have shortage of teachers and also now working as Head Mistress i/c. Better, not to leave the school unnecessarily.


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