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Filing for an Indian Passport is easier from 2017 – 12 New passport rules announced by Sushma Swaraj

If you are an Indian without passport just because the cumbersome formalities to file for one is not your cup of tea, here comes the good news for you. Taking ahead the excellent workmanship, Sushma Swaraj led Ministry of External Affairs made some amendments in the passport rules in order to liberalize and streamline the process by easing some complexities. The revised regulations would be soon published via an Official Gazette though the same has been directed to the Passport Issuing Authorities in Indian and overseas.

Here are all the amendments done in 2016-2017 that have made filing for a passport much easier – comparative mode

I Date of Birth Proof
Old Rule: Any Indian resident born on or after January 26, 1989, had to submit their Date of Birth Certificate as a proof of Date of Birth.
New Rule: As per the new rule Date of Birth Certificate is not a mandate. Any individual born on or after January 26, 1989, may present below-mentioned documents as a proof of Date of Birth:

Birth certificate issued by Municipal Corporation or Registrar of Births and Deaths or any other authority prescribed the power to do so under the Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969.
Matriculation Certificate/transfer/ School leaving certificate with proper DOB mentioned, issued by last attended school which is recognized by reputed board.
Pan Card with proper DOB, issued by the Income Tax Department.
Aadhar Card/ E-Aadhar with DOB.

Government employees:
Presently in service; the copy of the Extract of the service record of the individual.
Retired Personnel; Pay Pension Order having DOB mentioned
Both the certificates duly signed and authorized by the administer in-charge of the Department or Ministry.
Driving License issued by the Transport Department of the concerned State with DOB mentioned.
Election Photo Identity Card/ Voter Card issued by the Election Commission of India that has the Date of Birth of the individual.
Policy Bond issued by Public Life Insurance Corporations/ Companies with DOB mentioned.

II Name of Mother and Father
Old Rule: While applying for the passport providing names of both Father and Mother are mandatory.
New Rule: Any individual can fill the online passport application form mentioning the name of father/mother/ legal guardian, mentioning only one name is acceptable now.

III Passport for children of Single Parents
Old Rule: While applying for the passport providing names of both Father and Mother are mandatory and both the names will be printed on the passport.
New Rule: Easy form application for the single parents seeking passport for their children. Single parents may also file a request for not printing the name of the father or the mother on the passport.

IV Number of annexes for Indian Passport
Old Rule: 15 Annexes to be filled as prescribed under the Passport Rule, 1980.
New Rule: While some annexes are merged, annexes A, C, D, E, J, and K have been detached reducing the number to 9 annexes only.

V Attestation of annexes for Indian Passport
Old Rule: All the annexes prescribed under Passport Rule, 1980 to be attested by any notary/ First Class Judicial Magistrate/ Executive Magistrate were mandatory to file.
New Rule: All the annexes can be submitted self-declared on plain paper and no attestation as aforesaid is required.

VI Marriage Certificate for filling Passport
Old Rule: Annexure A or Marriage certificate is must file for an Indian Passport.
New Rule: No such obligation pertains and a married couple may file for an Indian Passport without a marriage certificate.

VII Indian Passport filling for Divorced or Separated persons
Old Rule: Divorce decree required in case of divorced person filing request also the name of the spouse to be mentioned for separated or divorced person.
New Rule: A passport can be filed without the mention of the name of the spouse of any separated or divorced person neither the divorce degree is required.

VIII Indian Passport for Orphaned Children
Old Rule: Any orphaned Child need to present any proof of DOB like Birth Certificate or Matriculation Certificate or a declaratory letter by the court mentioning the Date of Birth.
New Rule: A letter declaring the date of birth of the Orphaned child on the letterhead of the Orphanage, attested by the Head of the Orphanage will be acceptable as the proof of Date of Birth.

IX Indian Passport for Children born out of Wedlock
Not much hassle as only Annexure G is required to be filed while filing for Indian Passport

X Indian Passport for adopted children
Old Rule: Applicant had to submit the registered adoption deed while filing for an Indian Passport.
New Rule: A self-declaration on plain paper authenticating the adoption is only required for applying for Indian Passport.

XI No objection certificate for Government Employees filing for Indian Passport
Old Rule: An identity certificate (annexes B) or no objection certificate (annexes M) from the employer is a must for a Government Employee to file for Indian Passport.
New Rule: A government employee seeking passport on urgent basis can submit a self-declaration in Annexure N, stating that he/she has given prior notice/intimation to the Head of the Department that he/she is applying for an Indian Passport.

XII Indian Passport for Sadhus and Sanyasis
Old Rule: All the rule remain same for the sadhus and sanyasis and mentioning the name of parents is a must.
New Rule: If any sadhu or sanyasi wish to mention his/her Guru’s Name in lieu of his biological parents, he/she has to present at least one document out of Aadhar Card, Election Photo Identity Card, PAN Card, etc. that has the name of the Guru under the header of Parent (s) name (s).

Indeed an appreciable step to make the life of a common man easier and the system of filling for an Indian Passport mush easier and less knotty.

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