Defeated but not deterred, says Chaoba


IMPHAL, May 17: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) and Congress Party were hands in gloves in booth capturing during the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections. This was stated by BJP Manipur Pradesh president Thounaojam Chaoba while alleging that the LS polls were not conducted free and fairly in a democratic manner.

In a press conference in the party office at Nityaipat Chuthek, the BJP president said that the landmark victory at the centre by BJP was a historic moment for India, adding that the state BJP candidates could not win the two seats in Manipur but the results of the election shows that BJP has improved from the last few years.

Alleging that NPF and the Congress party were hands in gloves in booth capturing because in the hills, NPF had forced the people to vote for them, he said a simple example is that none of the hills people have the election cast marks on their fingers.

In the valley districts, the Congress was able to sweep the polls by flexing its financial muscles and using strong-arm tactics. The legislators and ministers of the present ruling government invested crores and crores of rupees for distribution in the election. So, the NPF and Congress Party are alike in their attitudes.

Chaoba said that he will leave Imphal on Saturday evening for Delhi to attend an all State party presidents’ meeting for giving his opinions and to hold discussions after the oath taking ceremony of Narendra Modi as PM.

The first priority of his visit will be better roads, safe drinking water and the rightful implementation of the NREGS scheme.

The NH-37 and NH-2 have not been developed since last many years. The Imphal-Jiribam road is in such a pitiable condition that it’s virtually impossible for vehicles to move. On the other hand, frequent extortions, killing and abduction of drivers and blockades have marred NH-2. So, he will demand the development of a four-lane road on the Imphal-Jiribam route as first priority.

The BJP president said that the party will investigate on the Loktak Hydro Project scheme to know where the power has gone without being distributed to people of Manipur.

He will also urge for overtaking the National Hydro Project Co-operation (NHPC) and for issuing solar lamps where there is any shortage of power supply.

The NREGA fund is misused by the present government through elected Pradhans, during last two years. The BJP this time will make the government accountable for such misuse, something which Narendra Modi has also assured to the people of Manipur during his visit, he said.

“The status of BJP is much improving in the last one and two months. It was unfortunate that Narendra Modi’s wave was a little late. We din’t get much time to make close contacts with people but we performed better than last LS polls. People are starting to believe in the BJP which was clearly revealed in the recent LS poll results. The percentage of votes received by BJP in comparison to 2009 LS poll improved tremendously,” said Chaoba.

So, the BJP is now ready to rejuvenate itself for the next elections, Chaoba said.

The defeated BJP candidate from inner constituency, Dr RK Ranjan expressed his gratitude to the people who voted for him. More than 90 thousand voters gave their support to BJP and him.

He said that if the wave of Modi had reached Manipur a little earlier. His chances may have increased. He will strictly follow any party principals in the future.



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