Family hospitalised after consuming wild plant


By Alex Guite

LAMKA, May 17: In an unfortunate incident in Churachandpur district, a family of eight members of K Patlian Village was hospitalised at the district hospital after consuming a vegetable known locally as ‘Sagol hidak’ ( Scientific name Brugmansia suaveolens).

The village is about seven km from Lamka.

Villagers said that around 6 in the evening yesterday, the family had cooked the vegetable and consumed it.

However, later the head of the family, Thanglien, 36 son of (L) Thangkholam was found loitering in the village and behaving unnaturally. He was brought back by the villager, who found that the condition of the other family members were also not good.

The villagers took the entire family to the district hospital, where the doctors were bemused on seeing the condition of the family members.

The problem was again compounded by the fact that Thanglien’s wife Kimkhohling was eight months pregnant and her condition continued to worsen, leading to the doctors considering whether to remove he baby or not.

Locals also informed that the consumption of the vegetable had led to bouts of seizures.

The hospitalised family also included the couple’s four children who are 14 years old, seven years old, five years old and two and a half years old, Thanglian’s sister Tinthling who was visiting the family and his mother Hoihpha.

Meanwhile, the area MDC Khaipau Haokip visited the family and assured all possible help and the VA of the K Patlian village too, wrote to the DC PK Jha who is out of station with official work, to assist the family.


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