MLA ends Heingang tension, brings amicable solution


IMPHAL, May 21: Tension between two communities at Heingang Hanna Ching which erupted on May 14 was brought to an end with an amicable solution today during a meeting between villagers of Heingang and Kairang Muslim in the presence of local MLA Nongthonmbam Biren.

The negotiation table was brought out under the guidance of superintendent of police Imphal East, Angam Kamei Romanus and was held at the Heingang Police Station.

Former local MLA Waikhom Jagor Singh was also present during the meeting.

The two warring sides were led by their respective pradhans of Heingang Panchayat and Kairang Muslim Panchayat.

Speaking at the meeting, the local MLA said such incidents should not be repeated again and if anyone is found initiating such disturbances in the future, he or she should be arrested under the National Security Act and put behind bars.

The two sides also signed an agreement against repeating such disturbances in the locality in the future, the MLA said.

N Biren said, the police is for the protection of the people, and should ensure the safety and security of the public.

The police should also control any communal unrest or disturbances and initiate peace process during such an occurrence, he continued.

Lamenting the incident, he said it was an unfortunate incident which had arisen out of a misunderstanding between the two communities over Hanna Ching which is actually under the Forest department.

Lack of communication between the Lai Committee and the Kairang Muslims had led to the May 14 incident, he observed.

He further reprimanded the elders of both communities to control their youth and not to allow them go beyond the limit.

“We are all brothers and sisters, and none can separate us.”

The government is there to settle any misunderstanding and deliver justice in to maintain peace in the state, he said.

Further continuing, the MLA observed that the one who committed destruction or arson is on the wrong side and as such the Kairang Muslim should tender apology to the Lai committee for dismantling the temple of Goddess Laisana on May 14 at Heingang Hanna Ching.

On his advice and his own consent, Kairang Pradhan Chesabam Denny tendered an apology to the Lai committee for the destruction of the temple and observed that he was unable to control his public on the awful day due to his shortcoming in his own leadership.

Clarifying on the ownership of the hill, former local MLA, Waikhom jagor Singh said on February 21, 1981, when he was the MLA, the Forest department had asked him to allot the Heingang Hill range for the use of Social Forestry.

Following which he decided to establish a society to look after the forestation of the hill range and entrusted the Young Intelligence Front to look after the hill, he said.

From 1981 to March 5, 2014, the Heingang Hills was look after by the society, but on March 5, 2014, the Forest department had taken it back after it was found that the co-operative society had failed to renew its validation further, continued the former MLA.

Meanwhile, the present MLA, N Biren asked the SP to initiate and inquiry on the May 14 incident and police action on the day from his level.

He lamented that, if such an issue cropped up in his locality, he being the local MLA should have been amongst the first few to be informed, however, it was not done so.

He continued once an individual wears a uniform whether of the Police or becomes a legislature, the individual doesn’t belong to a single community.


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