Teachers transfer is a hurdle, says T Mangibabu


BISHNUPUR, May 21: Education is progressing with a momentum around the world and accordingly India government focuses it as fundamental rights of its citizen. However, educational scenario remains topsy turby in Manipur and the Education minister of the state is trying his best for its overall improvement.

The statement was remarked by the Thanga A/C MLA Tongbram Mangibabu Singh while attending as chief guest in the 31st foundation day celebration of Amusana Girls’ High School, Thanga held on Tuesday. The foundation day was attended by N Chaoba Singh former ZEO Manipur and K Yaima ZEO Bishnupur as president and guest of honour respectively.

The MLA further mentioned that the school headmasters are not extending cooperation while asking them to attend meetings in which various issues relating to school development could be discussed and added that the government could not take action against those absentee teachers on sympathetic ground.

He also expressed of the abolition two schools in the Thanga A/C which was decided by the government of Manipur under certain compelling factors and further opined that transfer and posting of the teachers has remained a hurdle to the government as it would sometimes amount to breaking down of the government.


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