Two books released at Press Club


IMPHAL, May 21: Two books “Basic Dimension of Identity and Integration” and “Thailand & India- 1772-1882” written by Dr Haobam Indrakumar were released on Wednesday at the Manipur Press Club, Imphal.

During the function, former director of University and Higher Education Padmashree Dr M Kirti Singh, former Dean School of Social Sciences Manipur University Prof Ksh Bimola Devi and Head of Department of Political Science Manipur University Prof S Mangi Singh attended the function as chief guest, president and guest of honour respectively.

Addressing the function, the author, Dr Haobam Indrakumar said that his books were written mainly for the benefit of the people in general and especially for scholars in particular so that they could refer to the rare data included in his books.

He added that he published the books not for his own financial gain.

He further mentioned that the “Basic Dimension of Identity and Integration” mainly emphasises on the need to bring changes in the people’s perspective towards unity and solidarity.

One should know the history of their own state before studying others’ history, he asserted.

During the function, Prof Mangi Singh said that the book on “Thailand and India 1772-1882” reflects the socio-culture ties between the two countries highlighting community identity.


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