Bishunupur citizens rally behind arrested suspect


IMPHAL, June 26: People of Bishnupur and Ningthoukhong have appealed the state government to apprehend the killer of Sub Inspector Mayengbam Krishnadas who was murdered last week at the earliest. Joining the appeal was the family of the man who has been accused of killing the SI.

A joint press conference with the family members of the accused and Bishnupur United Women Development Organisation (BUWDO) was held at Manipur Press club on late Thursday afternoon.

BUWDO has flayed the state government for arresting an innocent man instead of arresting the culprits and laying all the blame to the suspect who was picked up on June 24 by Lamphel PS to control a mob. It has also stated that the people of Bishnupur and Ningthoukom along with various CSOs of the state will start agitations against the state government and the police department.

The suspect who was picked up by the Lamphel Police Station from Sangaiprou was Khundrakpam Krishnanda, 49, of Ningthoukhong Kha Leikai, ward 21.

“The suspected person is innocent and couldn’t be connected to any brutal crimes and the suspect made by the police needs to be clarified. People should be arrested only after the completion of proper investigations,” the general secretary of BUWDO stated, adding that the people of the state have witnessed that many innocent people were made guilty.

The wife of Khundrakpam Krishnanda, Khundrakpam (o) Chanchan, 43 urged for the quick release of her husband because he can’t be involved in such crimes and lashed out at the ineptitude of the police which picked up someone innocent


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