CSOs assure support to JAC against SI killing


IMPHAL, June 26: The demand for the arrest of the culprits in the SI Krishnadas killing case received a shot in the arm today with various civil organisations of the State including the United Committee Manipur and the All Manipur United Club Organisaton, All Manipur United Club Organisation, Kabui Mother Association and Zeliarong Union Imphal branch deciding to join in the movement of the JAC. Earlier, the JAC was spearheading the movement.

The civil organisations have also appealed for the arrest of all culprits and solve the case at the earliest in the interest of the people.

Addressing the media at the Manipur Press Club today, ZU-Imphal advisor R Chandra Haomei lamented the incident and said the union strongly condemned it.

The State government’s failure to arrest and produce the culprits even after five days of the murder is most unfortunate, he continued while adding that the incident could create tension between two communities as the body was found near the village of another community.

The State’s failure has led to unwanted incidents yesterday wherein police had to fire tear gas shells, he asserted.

He appealed to the police to arrest the culprits at the earliest in the interest of the communities residing together in the State.

Vice president UCM, Chandramani said such unwanted incident has been continuing in the State since some years back.

The UCM in collaboration with the other organisations have been working to prevent such incidents, he said.

It is unfortunate that the culprits are still absconding from the police, he lamented.

Further continuing the press conference, he said the police had picked up a person identified to have been seen last with the deceased.

This had created some hope for the locals and the people of the State that it would shed some light to the case, nevertheless, the police are yet to announce anything positive, he added.

The public has begun to think that the government is trying to hide something in the case, he said.

People should not point accusing fingers on anyone without knowing the whole truth in the incident, he said.

AMUCO president Y Mani cautioned the people of the State to be careful against people who try to create rifts and tension among communities.

The government should take responsibility if any untoward incident blows up due to its failure to make arrest and solve the case, he said.

KAMA, president Kakomlung Lui Kamei said the association strongly condemn the incident and appeal for the arrest of all culprits at the earliest.

KAMA will support any step taken up by the JAC regarding the crime, she said before adding however, it would be wrong to blindly assume that the people of the village from where the body was found would be behind the crime.

Another spokesperson lamented police retorting to violence to quell yesterday’s protest of the JAC by firing tear gas shells.

In case the government fail to arrest the culprits at the earliest, it would lead to more protest from the people, he said.


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