Growing dissent among Congress MLAs over reshuffle, says source


IMPHAL, June 26: Congress MLAs who not ministers have intensified their demand for reshuffling of the State cabinet, claimed an MLA on conditions of anonymity.

The MLAs from MSCP who had recently joined the party have also joined the demand for cabinet berths, the MLA said on Thursday.

The demand is for a cabinet reshuffle before the upcoming State Assembly Session.

Further according to sources, the MLAs are awaiting a call from the Chief Minister to discuss the issue before the Assembly session.

The dissenting MLAs today met at one of their official quarters, the source added.

It is also learnt that the number of dissenting MLAs have increased from 22 to 24.

They have decided to meet the Chief Minister first and respond according to his assurances, informed the source.

The MLAs have decided to go to Delhi and pressurise the party high command if the need arise or if the meeting with the Chief Minister end unfruitful, said the source.

Further according to the source, if even the party high command fails to listen to their demands, they will take their own course of action.

Sources have said that the dissenting MLAs have said that they were not against the Chief Minister, but they want a change of governance.

They have been demanding for reshuffling of the cabinet post by excluding the Chief Minister and the deputy Chief Minister, sources added.

Further according to sources, the MLAs have expressed that the public would lose their faith in the government, if the present trends continue.

And once the party loses the public’s belief, it would be a big downfall for the party, the MLAs believed.

Congress has 47 members including five who recently merged with the party in the 60 member House.


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