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Death anniversary of Raja Dumbra Singh held

JIRIBAM, June 28 (JNN): The Death Anniversary of Raja Dumbra Singh was held by the Manipuri SahityaParishad, Jiribam Branch at HilghatSorokAtingbi at 2 pm on June 28.

The program was opened by observing silence followed by floral tribute to the portrait of RD Singh. It was followed by lighting of the inaugural lamp by the Chief Guest.

During his presentation of welcome address and key note, Nabakumar Sinamcha, General Secretary of Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, Jiribam, he described in detail the reason for observing the anniversary. He said that Raja Dumbra Singh must be honoured for his work done to develop Jiribam.

Sarak Thokchom, Editor of PIN and F Ahmed advisor, All Jiribam Working Journalists’ Union (AJWJU) gave speech on ‘Raja Dumbra Singh amasungJiribam’ and ‘Jiribamgi Sahityagi Khongchat respectively.

The observation was attended by S. Tonubabu Singh, President of Short Story Society India, Dr. A Gouramani Sharma, President of Manipuri SahityaParishad, Jiribam and S. Khogendra Singh, advisor of Manipuri SahityaParishad, Jiribam branch as chief guest, president and guest of honour respectively. Also presented during the observation were L. Projit Singh, ex-Pradhan, Hilghat, Kh. Puspa Singh, General Secretary of All JiribamMeiraPaibee, Jiribam.

Meanwhile, the student bodies of Jiribam, AMSU, MSF and KSA had held a meeting on June 28 with all the barbers of Jiribamat the office of AMSU as per the instruction of it Head Quarter.

The meeting was held to fix the rate of haircutting of each person to Rs. 20/- earlier from Rs. 30/-.

The student body leaders have urged to all barbers in the district to apply the new rate from June 30, without fail.



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