AAP demands space for public demonstration


IMPHAL, August 21: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) submitted a written petition to the State Governor requesting provision of space in the heart of Imphal to enable the public to express their freedom.

The petition was submitted by Digen Singh, active member of AAP Manipur State city office through the chief secretary.

Underlining the right to freedom of speech and expression and to assemble peacefully and without arms which are fundamental rights of the citizens of this country, protest demonstration is unavoidable, it said.

We often witness frequent protest/ demonstration on the streets of Imphal disturbing the tranquillity of the surrounding of Chief Minister’s or Governor’s bungalow and the means used by police to subdue such protest have often lead to unwanted incidents, it said.

To avoid such problems, it drew the attention of the government to provide a space to ventilate the grievances of the common people to their guardian, the AAP petition said.

Underscoring the historical significance and also being a strategic point in the State capital, it suggested a space near the southern portion of Sahid Minar, Imphal Pologround or somewhere else in Greater Imphal area to enable the public to voice their opinion in the form of sit in protest, public speech etc..

Further the petitioner observed that if anyone violates any conditions beyond the “Lakshman Rekha,” such fundamental right may be curtailed.

Following the petition, the secretary to the Governor of Manipur has reportedly instructed the chief secretary to take appropriate action listing the matter as “desired by the Governor.

However, it is learnt that the chief secretary is yet to give any response in this regard.


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