Chandel rally peaceful


CHANDEL, Aug 30: Thousands turned up to attend the peace rally at Chandel organised under the aegis of CNPO.

People from different sub divisions and blocks came in buses, canters, shaktimans and DIs in spite of the heavy rains to take part in the peace rally.

Churches and Christian leaders, representatives of frontal organisations including tribe hohos, women and student body leaders, NGOs, village chiefs, youth leaders, students and general public has been demanding from the GoI for expediting an acceptable and honourable settlement of the Indo-Naga issue.

The rally which proceeded from Maha Union Govt Higher Secondary School ground also registered protest against the militarisation of Naga areas particularly Ukhrul district by GoM with Manipur State forces.

Another two assertions of the rally was to register protest against the GoM’s disrespect for the democratic process of tripartite talk on alternative arrangement which was progressed to a logical stage.

Unabated aggressive policies of the GoM to encroach upon the ancestral lands of the Nagas and tribals through laws, acts and notification to subvert the protective provisions of the MLR & LR, Act 1960 was also protested.

Before the rally was kicked off a public meeting was held at the Maha

Union Govt Higher secondary ground where in chairman of the

Alternative Arrangement, Paul Leo and others including the CNPO president addressed the crowd.

The rally was by and large peaceful and no untoward incident occurred.


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