CORE blames GoM, CSOs for Ukhrul incident


IMPHAL, August 30: The Centre for Organisation Research and Education (CORE) Manipur, condemned the atrocious shooting incident at Ukhrul today and blamed both the government and certain civil society organisation for allowing the situation to precipitate to today’s tragedy,

“Under considerable and sensitive constraints, the Centre for Organisation Research and Education (CORE) Manipur expresses a considerable scorn towards the situation in Ukhrul in Manipur,” said a statement of the organisation.

It said the ugly state of affairs, and it’s tragic consequences, was a foregone conclusion because of the disgraceful divergent trajectories pursued by the government of Manipur and civil society organisations who think that a conflict can be resolved through untenable positions and supplication to so-called ‘authorities’ far removed from the realities of Manipur.

With increasing fatalities and casualties in Ukhrul, CORE remains deeply concerned that the martial law governance disposition of the Manipur government exposes its abject defeat to address its responsibilities as an answerable executive organ of the State, it continued.

The CORE statement appealed to all, including the sensible and astute sections among all citizens, in Ukhrul to refrain from postures and activities that will only result in further violent confrontation.

The CORE statement continued further “In our view, it is a foregone conclusion that Section 144 of the CrPC has been patently abused in Ukhrul.”

“On the other hand, the aggravation by the leadership of the widely appreciated and respected United Naga Council of Manipur is nakedly uncalled for, and only served to expose its superficial evaluation of the situation and missed an opportunity of a promising constructive role it can play under the circumstances that have tormented the citizens of Ukhrul and its surrounding areas for weeks.”

“Governments in a democratic system cannot be accused speciously and relentlessly of being ‘communal’ while ignoring the obvious exigency of the present sensitive opinionated scenario prevailing in Ukhrul,” it said.

The people of Manipur in one voice reject any communal agenda from any quarter, it said before adding that provocations designed to detonate a violent and potently incendiary situation cannot, under any circumstances be construed as a struggle for human dignity and rights, under any level of aggravation.

The law of the land must prevail including international human rights law, and that must be accepted by all; what is blatantly omitted is an open acknowledgment of responsibility and duties by all parties, further said the CORE statement.

“CORE expresses deeply felt condolences of those who lost their lives today in Ukhrul, and appeals to all, especially the government of Manipur to exercise its democratic responsibilities with due diligence in accordance to the highest principles and policies of democracy.”

The Manipur Police is being injudiciously and excessively exposed to a very partisan situation, it said before urging the Manipur government to immediately withdraw all prohibitory orders in Ukhrul under Section 144 of the CrPC as its justification and legal premises are no longer relevant nor acceptable.

An impartial judicial level inquiry must be instituted and the people who have suffered tragically must be compensated and rehabilitated by the government, it said.

Responsibility for the use of inappropriate and excessive force by the Police stationed in Manipur must be fixed, and those indicted beyond doubt must be given exemplary disciplinary punishment, the CORE statement concluded.


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