Family accepts Sandhyarani’s body


BISHNUPUR, August 14: Family members and the JAC formed in connection with the alleged murder of Sandhyarani have taken back the body following an agreement brought with the State government.

The dead body of Oinam (n) Maisnam (o) Sandhyarani Devi wife of M Suraj of Naranseina Mamang Leikai was found inside her residential compound on August 10 around 2.30 pm with bruised marks on her thighs, forehead and face.

From Phubala to Naranseina, people waited at their gates to receive Sandhyarani’s body which was being brought from the RIMS mortuary.

A public procession was taken out from Phubala to Moirang Bazar carrying her body.

The procession was participated by residents of Phubala, Sunusiphai and Naranseina and turned back from Moirang Bazar to return to her residence.

The JAC had agreed with the government that Sandhyarani’s two and half year old daughter will live with Sandhyarani’s parents, to provide the post mortem report after 16 days to the JAC, participation of JAC members in the trial of accused husband Suraj and his mother.



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