RIMS association calls for comprehensive service and image lift


IMPHAL, August 15: The Teachers’ and Medical Officers’ Association (TAMOA) had stated that an Executive Committee meeting was held on July 31 and discussed many important issues related to RIMS including its hospital facilities.

The committee also submitted a memorandum to the Director of RIMS demanding the availability of free emergency medicine and investigation facilities at the Casualty and to avail adequate number of trolleys and wheel chairs at casualty by August.

It also demanded among others, the completion of the Time Scale Promotion process for the year by August 15, availing safe drinking water facilities in the hospital complex, developing a robust internal monitoring mechanism by August 15, ensuring timely attendance and availability of all doctors and employees within the office hours.

The meeting also called for developing a protocol to take action against the errant doctors and employees for their negligence and for completion of repairing of the ICU, ground floor of the operation theatre and Mini Auditorium within three months, besides other demands.

All these, it said was with the sole aim of improving the status and image of the institute.


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