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‘Iron Lady’ Sharmila re-arrested, Women furious over police action which left Sharmila with a broken and bleeding toe

Sharmila rearrested

IMPHAL, August 22: Barely three days after her release, Irom Chanu Sharmila was rearrested under IPC 309 charging her of attempting suicide and a case has been registered against her under FIR no 242(8)2014 Porompat PS.

Ironically, the anti Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act crusader was released earlier on August 20, after Sessions Judge, Manipur East A Guneshwar Sharma quashed all charges against her of attempting suicide.

Imphal East police along with doctors had repeatedly tried to check her condition yesterday till late in the night, which Sharmila has been refusing.

The police had ever since remained present in the vicinity of the Sharmila Kanba Lup, SAKAL shanglen where the Sharmila had been continuing with her fast following her release.

This morning around 10am, a police team including lady constables led by Porompat SDPO arrived at the temporary shed along with a medical team.

When Sharmila refused to their attempt to check her health status, the women constable rushed into the shed and forced themselves to pick up the hunger striker.

A tussle broke out between Sharmila, her supporters and the women constables trying to pick her which continued for about five minutes.

The rough tackle of the police women left Sharmila with a broken and bleeding toe.

She was eventually overpowered and pulled into the police gypsy and taken to the nearby Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences, where her broken toe was attended to.

Fuming over the manner, the police women handled Sharmila, SHAKAL members stormed into the JNIMS campus and demanded a meeting with Sharmila.

A few members were allowed to meet her inside the JNIMS security ward, where Sharmila has been lodged following her arrest.

After the meeting, later, at the temporary shed, Apunba Manipur Kanba Ima Lup (AMKIL) president Ph Sakhi said Sharmila was in tears and speechless.

The more the SHAKAL members tried to console, the more she cried, she lamented stating that they strongly condemn the police action.



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