Alleged child rapist lynched in Nagaland


IMPHAL, September 19: Nagaland based Morung Express reported that an alleged rapist was lynched by an angry mob in Meluri, Phek on September 18.

“The incident was sparked by the discovery of the dead body of an 11 year-old girl, who went missing on the evening of September 17. The victim of the lynching incident, identified as Ibobi Singh, was reportedly nabbed by the public while trying to flee,” the report said.

However, when IFP contacted the Ukhrul police regarding the incident, it was informed that the full identity of the deceased accused is yet to be ascertained.

With his feature resembling a resident from Gwaltabi, the Lamlai police station cross checked the reference however his identity could not be determined, the police said before adding that the corpse is said to be at Maluri village after post mortem examination was conducted at the Naga Hospital, Kohima.

Meanwhile, the Morung Express report continued that according to the Phek police, an 11 year-old girl from Meluri went missing on the evening of September 17.

Her dead body was found the next morning at a forested location about a kilometre away from Meluri town, it said.

Tension mounted after words went round that the culprit was a neighbor of the girl, other sources said according to the report.

“The man was later nabbed by the public somewhere between Meluri and Jessami and taken to Meluri where he was lynched at the local ground,” it said.

Police were prevented from taking custody of the man after they were accused of failing on their duties, it said and continued that the public further prevented the conduct of post-mortem on the girl’s body.

The initial inquest conducted by the police suggested that the girl was raped and murdered, but it could be confirmed only after medical examination, Phek police said according to the report.

Four policemen were injured and one police vehicle was torched in the subsequent clash, the Morung Express report said.


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