Dear Teacher


Even stars vanished
when shines does the sun,
So does the moon gets smaller
or … bigger,
But this never ending, enormous universe
got no ends
And so does my love for you Dear Teacher.
Even if I scale to new heights
in the near future
my appreciation would still be the same, I assure you.
Your words are rice
feeding thousands of hungry brains,
Your smiles are keys
opening the hearts of a million,
Your scoldings are erasers
rubbing scars of a million.
If done something bad
forgive me Dear Teacher
If done something worse
Scold me Dear Teacher
If done something good
pat my back Dear Teacher
If done something best
tell me it’s not the best as yet
Dear Teacher.
For that will be my weapon
to open gates to victory,
Now I wish to say this frankly
Sometimes I hate you
Sometimes I envy you
Sometimes I lied to you
But I never forget
to realise what you are,
And  I would cry in my heart when you praise me
Coz I don’t prefer a praise
but a signature of your heart
telling that I am not ready for life as yet
telling that I could still try more
telling that you trusts me.
Dear Teacher
At the age of six
I began to realise what made you exceptional
And what made me respect you
And what made us dependent
Now, I am ready Dear Teacher
to wear my helmet
And begin the competition of life
of darkness and envyness,
Where the only light
is the glow from your sinless face
And the destiny behold there
would be the predictions of your palms
And now, Lets Proceed!

-Athena Thiyam
Class VIII, Shishu Nistha Niketan


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