By RK Lakhi Kant

No zest, only a cheap stage
tear jerkers pass off as
folk and classical tradition
social conditions, how to nullify
the impact of new wave
westernisation of India
feel odd, also ticklish
Is not the Indian going
to remain an Indian
can we laugh it off –
this grave subject, even as
cracks appear in the
social fabric. Cherish the
folk and classical heritage
before it fades out, before its late
Traditional songs nearer to
reality; the new ones follow
only commerce in the end.
Relaxed, children and ladies
enjoy the folk and classical fare
on grassy lawns fresh with
the evening dew drops.
New wave is far from that –
all out to devalue the
institution called humanity.
The timeless intellect
freely occuring as the air we breathe;
A clarity sublime, but takers are less
Ahoy! Temptations on hold
simplicity, traditions full speed ahead!


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