Schools skip PM’s address in Ccpur, celebrate Teachers Day


LAMKA, September 5: Teacher days was celebrated in schools including government and privately run throughout the length and breadth of Lamka and its suburbs, today.

However, some major schools, with wisdom best known to them declared the day a holiday missing out on the Prime Minister’s Teachers’ Day speech.

A private school L Foundation School located at Bungmual marked the day with a grand reception of both staff/school authority and student as has been celebrated every year.

Other schools like the Young Learners School, Don Bosco etc also celebrated the day.

In govt schools like Phungkhothang Gandhi Memorial, Rangkai High school, Vimala High school and Tuibuang High School, the day was celebrated with much pomp and gaiety which lasted way beyond the Prime Minister’s address in the evening.

The celebration was unusually celebrated with more favour and pomp this year, due to the Prime Minister’s initiative of addressing the students which was live telecasted.

A social worker Pamung told IFP, however, posed as to what was the meaning of making the students listen to the Prime Minister’s speech, when the students didn’t have a clue as to what he was saying?

He further questioned the logic behind the government’s “diktat” while saying that the Prime Minister should have instead provided more packages to improve the sanitation and infrastructure in the schools.

Such programme as live telecasting the speech much have cost a fortune, not only for the government but for the schools where the teachers and authorities had to arrange for TVs and other gadgets and in a power cut prone place Churachandpur, it is even more costlier.

Meanwhile, a teacher on condition of anonymity also echoed the same thoughts saying that their school has no proper infrastructure to be called a High or even a Jr High School.

He said rooms are congested and there is not much desk and furniture in the school.

He asked the Prime Minister to fix such issues first instead of forcing the unnecessary trouble.

However, above all, headmasters and teachers at many schools while forgetting the trouble they had gone through, expressed their belief that the enthusiasm shown by the PM will be his starting point and not the end.

Another headmaster confided that the programme was on the verge of failure as the channel provider had failed to provide the National channel.

He also said that the provider had failed to respond to their request of feeding DD news which forced them to make an alternative arrangement and watch the coverage in news channels.

In the Vimara Raina high school, where the student participated in full force, the principal Donnglianpau said that they had made necessary arrangements for the children to watch the Prime Minister’s address.


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