VDF personnel demand their meagre honorariums raised


BISHNUPUR, September 1: A general conference for welfare of VDF personnel in Manipur was organised by the All Manipur VDF Welfare Association at INA Memorial Hall Moirang today.

The conference was attended by Association Secretary, Md. Riayaj Khan as chief guest, vice-president L. Deban as president and VDF personnel Langtinggen and Atim as guests of honour.

The spokesperson of the association, Kh. Jiban has stated that the meager Rs. 4000/- monthly salary of the VDF can hardly make ends meet.

It has appealed to the government to increase the salary of the VDF accordingly.

The chief guest also stated that the salary of VDF must be similar to that of MP Constables. He further stated that the misconduct carried out by VDF is caused by the Government and condemned the misuse of the VDF by SP/Officers as their personal helper and in the name of donation camps. It also expressed that VDF personnel must be honest and fair during their duty.

During the function it was resolved that the salary of VDF must be increased, to provide record for them, to urge the government in providing 13 months honorarium and to submit related document to the concerned authority, to submit their demand to the Prime Minister on September 16. It was also resolved that agitations will be carried out if the government fail to carry out their demands during the month of September. It also said that the government must hold responsibilities for any incidents that might occur from the agitations.


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