Hiyanglam By-Poll, the would be Waterloo for MPCC


A article by: Sumatibala Ningthoujam

Gradual sinking of Congress in Manipur. The Pseudo Secular Congress has been ruling Manipur uninterruptedly for the last thirteen years promoting corruption and scam like the Loktak Fumdi scam. World’s Longest Highway Blockade snapping the life line of Manipur had occurred in Manipur under the Congress rule. Severe man-made artificial fuel crisis recurs on and off in Manipur. At times petrol price would go up to more than Rs.200 per litre. Never did the puppet govt at Imphal raise a question against the imposition of inhuman AFSPA-1958 in Manipur. On the contrary, they had worked in tandem with Delhi to suppress the genuine Gandhian protest of Miss Irom Sharmila against the AFSPA. Rubbing salt to the mental injuries of Manipuries, Ibobi led Congress govt had chosen to ignore sexual assaults and fake encounters committed by armed force personals. If the congress govt wanted to respect the sentiments of the common people they could have amended the constitution and re-implement the ILPS in Manipur. It seems they are intentionally allowing deterioration of law and order for reasons best known to them. It is strange, even the Home-Minister Mr.Gaikhangam has been alleged to have provided a safe escape route to the sexual assaulter of a Manipuri film actress. Many prominent citizens have been killed or kidnapped and then killed. However Manipur police could not identify the killers to date. Yet Manipur Police under the dubious Home-Minister are excellent in fabricating fake FIR against any person who dares challenge the congress legislatures. No doubt they are quite notorious because they have been very often caught red handed while committing sexual assaults and other crimes to helpless civilians passing through lonely isolated areas. When the protectors have turned out to be the attackers, what else could we expect from the irresponsible Ibobi govt? They are superb for creating situations such that even the bureaucrats in Secretariat have been compelled to work as the hand-in-globs for implementing their nefarious personal interest schemes. The most unfortunate tragedy for general public is that Police is functioning as Congress’ Political agents. It is worth to be quoted here that during the State Assembly Election, 2012 the then Thoubal Top-Cop was acting directly as political agent of a ruling Congress Legislature who used to get his opponents jailed taking the biased service of the Top-Cop.


Many projects/schemes like Mini-Hydel Projects sanctioned by the centre could not be accomplished till today because the allocated funds have been swindled by the corrupted ministers. Even the minimum required power is not made available in Manipur. In the modern computerized machine age development is just next to impossible without power. This is the main reason for why development is still eluding Manipur. It is ridiculous that there is no power at home but our CM had assured Myanmar for supplying power to Tamu town and setting up a Thermal Power Project at Sagaing region of Myanmar.


Degrading Education. Proper education is indispensable for a better future. No country/State can afford to neglect education. But look at Manipur, our Education Minister is dragging Education Department to its Doom. Being a minister he presumes nepotism is his perquisite and hence got his brother-in-law appointed Head Master bypassing other senior and more qualified teachers. He had announced from a social forum that he would relinquish the ministerial post in case he could not give education a positive change within six months. Since then four times the six months has lapsed and education has gone from Bad to worse. However he has not yet kept his words. Being a megalomaniac he had boasted for getting TED question papers by a chartered Flight. Look at the contrary! In spite of his repeated assurances there are many schools/colleges without Head Masters/Principals and the basic infrastructures. Yet from time to time whenever a public forum was available he used to announce one or the other Utopian projects/programs like opening Amity University in Manipur, construction of Hostel for retired teachers etc etc. In Mahabharath Drishtarastra had always approved Duriyodhan’s actions. Exactly in the same manner CM O. Ibobi endorses all his nefarious activities. CM has recently expressed his inability of controlling bureaucrats and said it is hundred times better to die rather then not respecting one’s own statement/promise. But he is famous for not implementing what he had said/promised. Even what he had assured to his own party legislatures is not respected.


Industry with no output. With respect to Industry there are plenty of loopholes in the functioning/implementing system of the Department due to which no common people have got the subsidized marginal loan under the PMEGP scheme for the last four years. In Manipur, unfortunately, all the prospective PMEGP candidates presumed challenging the concerned minister or the scheme implementing officials is meaningless. This is justifying to a certain extent. We came across hundreds of the so called JAC. Each one of them came with a Big Bang and vanished after issuing an ultimatum “if all the demands of JAC are not satisfied/accepted by this date stern action would be taken up and the authority will be responsible in case of any untoward incident happens”. After all what is the use of flogging a dead horse? Nothing. Simply we can say Ibobi led Congress Govt is the mirror image of the Historic Kansh Raj in Mathura. Now the proper time has come for the Hiyanglam electorate to play the role of Bagavan Shri Krishna for defeating the Demon congress.


Abuse of State force. It is highly regretted that abusing State forces and money power  congress has congregated all its MPs, MLAs, Councilors and workers from outside Hiyanglam A/C at Langmeidong playground adjacent to the residence of Trinamool candidate Dr. Radheshyam and conducted its political campaign. At the end congress had been humiliated as the frustrated locals booed away the CM while exiting from the most unethical campaign. Nowadays at night, congress legislatures with money bags and official armed escorts are zig zagging across Hiyanglam A/C and distributing money to the targeted electors. Under the prevailing handicapped atmosphere MPTC could ensure the defeat of congress by supporting the BJP candidate. At present MSCP is also in the same Boat with MPTC and so their winning probability is zero. However by contesting the Hiyanglam By-Election MSCP has vindicated its existence causing a severe headache for Home Minister Gaikhangam. If somehow all the non-congress parties are united against the congress (as happened at Konthoujam), then congress’ muscle and money power would be of no use.


MPP, the Regional Party. Well! We wish a reliable and competent regional party in Manipur promoting our State’s interest. However unlike Shiv Sena, Akali Dal, Telegu Desham etc MPP is continuously loosing ground. Past is past. Today there is not even a single popular leader for leading the party from the front. All their influential leaders have migrated to other parties or retired from active politics. What a pity that there was no one to take the responsibility for party president. Ultimately having no other alternatives the party has managed Mr. Sovakiran as an ad hoc president. During his tenure ECI has derecognized MPP as a regional party. Various ambiguous statements of the inconsistent president have misled the common man. Publicly he has attacked all the National parties. However during the Parliamentary election, 2014 he had come forward to support BJP candidates. Now he says MPP and BJP would have a friendly fight at Hiyanglam By-Election. Is he suggesting to support the BJP candidate at the last moment? He can’t fool the public all the time. His hidden strategy is crystal clear today. That is if MPP goes to fight the State Assembly election 2017 on its own, as present situation indicates, they will not get even a single candidate elected. However if MPP allies with BJP the Ad Hoc  president and some other candidates have some probability of being elected. The Ad Hoc president is day dreaming the Mogli’s Hashin Sapna that could turn out to be a nightmare.


Bi-Polar By-Election. As D-Day is approaching Hiyanglam By-Election has turned out to be Bi-Polar (BJP-INC). During the MP election, 2014 the Modi wave could not penetrate into Manipur. But with the formation of congress free Modi Govt in Delhi, BJP wave is gaining momentum in Manipur. Modi led NDA Govt has allocated Rs.100 crore for establishing a Sport University in Manipur acknowledging Manipuries’ valuable contribution in the field of Sport. Transport Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari has given the assurance for initiating all the required works for the National High-Ways across Manipur. During the Flag-Hoisting ceremony of BJP at Hiyanglam, Mr. Modi’s representative and Union Home Minister(State) Mr. K. Rijiju has promised a Big Project for Hiyanglam. Not only this, if elected he would take Mr. Dhanabir straight to Modiji and would get Modi sanctioned more development projects for Hiyanglam. It is very important to note that Modi has personally nominated Dhanabir as a BJP candidate for Hiyanglam By-Election. This shows NDA Govt, unlike the previous congress govt, gives due importance to minor states like Manipur. World leaders are queuing up now for collaborating with Modi. For a resurgent Manipur we must move with Modiji.


Just after the formation of NDA Govt in Delhi, BJP Manipur had become the most credible political party in Manipur and randomly admitted many people without cross checking their credentials. Spineless congress legislatures (as they have approached the party functionaries to get admitted in BJP) should never be admitted as a few of them could be liability for the party. Unfortunately during the last few days we have come across a certain allegation of corruption involving the President of BJP Manipur dampening the momentum of BJP. In due course if any one was found to be acting against the interest/principle of the party he/she would be eliminated. Hence for the time being in the bigger interest of the State we all should do our best to get a Lotus Blooming in Manipur Assembly by keeping the unsubstantiated allegation in Deep Fridge.


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