Press Release on the 4th Council Assembly of the UNC



Dated Tahamzam, 9th October, 2014

The 4th Council Assembly of the United Naga Council was held on 7-8 October, 2014 at Tumnoupokpi Village, Tahamzam(Senapati District) and hosted by the Thangal Khanglong. The assembly commenced with the hoisting of the UNC flag by the President Mr. L. Adani.  All the 16 constituents tribes, the Naga frontal and regional organisations, formers UNC Presidents, senior leaders and Thangal tribe elders participated in the Assembly. The Assembly Sessions were chaired by the Speaker, Mr P. Timothy and proceedings recorded by the Assembly Speaker, Mr. Reishangpem Shaiza.

The tenure of the present incumbent Executives was extended by the Council Assembly upto November, 2014 within which time election for the tenure 2014-2018 would be conducted by the Election Commission, which was also appointed during the Assembly.

Apart from the traditional activity report and financial statement for the period following the last Council Assembly at Leibi Maring in December, 2014 there was a presentation of a summation of the tenure 2011-2014.

The Council Assembly also strongly reaffirmed the severance of political ties with the communal Government of Manipur and the boycott of the ADCs.

The Assembly also condemned the communal action of Manipur police who arrested  Mr N. K. Phungreishung, Secretary of the Shangpun Long (an umbrella organisation of 18 villages) on 6th October, 2014 at Poirou Chingjin under Andro Police station on the ground that he is a sympathiser of the United Naga Council, as Mr Phungreishung was in possession of the programme and on mobilisation for a seminar to be held at Shungriphai village on 11th October, 2014, in which Mr Gaidon Kamei, the General Secretary of the UNC was to be the resource person. Mr Phungreishung was also divested of the Seminar programme and Rs 3400/-.

That the state police force has found reason to detain and harass a citizen for organising a seminar where a UNC official would be speaking reflects the utterly communal orientation of the personnel involved.  The Assembly therefore resolved to place the alarming matter before the Government of India to further register our case for an alternative arrangement outside the Government of Manipur(GoM). The GoM must also respond to this matter and be held responsible for any untoward incident arising out of the highly provocative action of the state police.


Publicity Wing

United Naga Council


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