Bandh effects life at Moijing, partial elsewhere


IMPHAL, March 20: The general strike called by JAC Against the Brutal Killing of Md. Lukaman of Thoubal Moijing at Heingang Ahallup, affected life in Thoubal Moijing area, but was only partially in most other places.

In Imphal, except at Hatta Golapati where demonstrators came out to block traffic, everywhere else the was a rush of Cheiraoba shoppers thronging the different market places.

Band Supporters at Moijing, Thoubal
Band Supporters at Moijing, Thoubal

Even at Hatta Golapati, riot police from the Imphal East police station came out in number and dispersed the bandh volunteers, using tear gas and mock bombs.

In Thoubal bazaar, the bandh hardly made any impact, but at Thoubal Moijing, bandh supporters blocked the traffic effectively. They also burned an effigy of the Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi Singh.

It may be recalled the bandh was called after a youth Md. Lukaman disappeared on March 16 and was found dead with injuries all over his body on March 17.

The JAC formed to seek justice in the case soon after had submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi, to ask him to take action, but when no such action was forthcoming, the JAC decided to call the 24 hour bandh starting from the midnight of March 19 to the midnight of March 20.


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