BJP spokesman flays govt, says party will support JCILPS demand


IMPHAL, March 19: It is right time for the all party committee to unite and confront the State government for its dirty politics of using them as tool and shield on the ILP issue said RK Shivachandra, spokesperson of the BJP Manipur Pradesh.

Addressing media persons at the office of BJP Manipur Pradesh Nityaipat Chutthek, he said the Manipur Regulation of Visitors, Tenants and Migrant Workers Bill 2015 was passed at the Assembly totally against the wishes of the Manipur people.

He asked why the Bill did not reflect any of the points recommended by the All political Parties Committee on ILP. The political parties were used as tools and shields by the government against the agitation of JCILPS, he said.

This amounts to cheating the entire people of Manipur, he said.

If the government has a different ideology on this Bill, why many academicians, retired Justices, learned advocates and seasonal politicians were put at the butt end of a joke for six months, he further asked.

He said the people must not stay silent on the matter. The BJP Manipur Pradesh was always suspicious of the government`™s motive so it was withdrew from the committee, he said.

The BJP is strongly opposed to the Bill which is friendlier to visitors and against the interest of indigenous people, he alleged.

The BJP Manipur Pradesh has also decided to give full support to the organisations agitation regarding the ILP issue, he added.

It is the right time for all non-Congress political parties of Manipur to unite to repay the government in kind for making them the laughing stalk.

BJP also dared the chairman of the Committee, Deputy Chief Minister. Gaikhangam, to clarify on the Bill just passed.

The Congress MLAs who are elected as public representative are silent on such a burning issue and the BJP is ashamed of them, he said.

Observing the manner in which the Bill was handled, he said the State government did not lobby at all with the Central government, and if they had the Central government would have agreed considering Manipur is an International border area. The ILP implementation will safeguard of Manipur, as well as India, from migrants, he said.

He also charged the two Congress Members of Parliament for remaining silent in the Parliament on the matter instead of trying to win the Central government over on the issue in the interest of the Manipuri people he added.


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