CrPC 144 clamped in Imphal West district


IMPHAL, March 19 (NNN): Prohibitory order has been clamped in the entire Imphal West district in the backdrop of non-cooperation movement being launched by the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) against the non-locals.

The prohibitory order under Section 144 CrPC was promulgated in the district as there is likelihood of causing serious breach of peace, disturbances to public tranquility and grave danger to human lives and properties in the area.

The order which would be effective from 6 pm of March 17 will continue to effect until further order.

Assembly of five or more persons which is likely to turn unlawful, carrying of sticks, stones, firearms and weapons of any other description or objects which can be used as offensive weapons within the area have been prohibited with effect from 6 pm of March 17, the order stated.

The order will not be apply to the agencies of the government involved in the enforcement of law and order and the maintenance of essential services and prior permission should be obtained from the competent authorities for taking out rallies or processions for customary, traditional, religious, cultural or entertainment purposes involving the assembly of five or more persons.

The prohibitory order has been clamped based on police report that there is likelihood of causing serious breach of peace and public tranquility in the district on account of the unlawful activities of some anti-social elements for furtherance of their evil designs.

Also, there is information in the police regarding threat to the business community in Imphal area by the underground elements for payment of extortion demand.

Even though the order failed to mention the prevailing tension arising out of people`™s agitations rejecting the Manipur Regulation of Visitors, Tenants and Migrant Workers Bill, 2015, spearheaded by the JCILPS.

The indefinite non-cooperation movement of the JCILPS against the non-locals has already begun from last midnight.

While announcing the movement, the JCILPS has asked the people to stop renting house and room to the non-indigenous people, buying, selling as well as consuming goods from them, to prevent the non-locals from hawking their wares in their respective localities.


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