`PMGSY schemes in Ukhrul being hijacked by contractors`


IMPHAL, March 19:Even though the concern PR and RD Minister of the state inspected various places of the PMGSY scheme recently, another rural connectivity project in Ukhrul district may be left abandoned and derelict.

The PMGSY Phase IX part II under package No. 978/NIT No. 5/16/13 at Challou under Chingai Sub-division Ukhrul District is likely to be left abandoned and deserted on account of illegal diversion of a connectivity scheme under PMGSY, villagers complained.

The detailed project report and work order for the Challou and Kuingai road stretching around 9 Km has been abandoned unfinished for funds meant for it have been diverted to suit the interest of contractor on agreed of AE of the department, they said.

While talking with media person Shimthar Shatang Secretary Challou village said that the work order mentioned constructing a new short route connection between Challou and Kuingai stretching nine kilometre according to DPR. But contrary to the DPR`™s statement, the project funds have been diverted to construct another road on the Kuingai stretched to junction of Challou and Kuingai.

The village secretary urged the concern authority to look into the matter seriously and rectify the project in the larger interest of the neglected villages which is totally cut off from connectivity.

Not only this issue, another package number 0955 PMGSY phase VIII part II for road black topping from Challou to Tusom has also halted without any known reason. The route starts from Chingai via Challou via Wuhong to reach Melory in Nagaland, the village secretary further said.

The route has a rock portion in between Challou and Tusom of about 200 to 300 metre distance. In the work order the route is to be black topped as also to construct two Baily Bridges. About three week ago labour force for the construction of bridges arrived but suddenly went back therefore binging the work to a halt, he added.

Shimthar Shatsang appealed to the concerned authority to intervene in the matter so work is not halted and disturbed.

Rural connectivity is the only means of transport and communication in a hilly terrain and mountains region like Manipur, and this should be given utmost priority to keep the villages connected with the rest of the State and nation, he said.

Considering the difficulties and hardships being confronted by the villagers, concerned authority should take necessary steps to meet the demand of the villagers, he said.


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