Manipur Assembly Speaker summoned by court in impersonation case


IMPHAL, April 3: Khundrakpam Assembly constituency ex-candidate, Namoijam Singhajit, sued the Manipur Legislative Assembly Speaker Th Lokeshwar in the court of law charging that Lokeshwar submitted false affidavit to the Election Commission of India for the last 10th Manipur Legislative Election in 2012.

In his law suit, Singhajit further said that Lokeshwar pursued MA History in the Manipur University, as `Oinam Lokeshwar Roll No 214024`™, however in the affidavit submitted to the ECI ahead of the last Assembly election, he gave his name as `Thokchom Lokeshwar`™ with educational qualification MA History from Manipur University.

Singhajit said according to his findings, the name Thokchom Lokeshwar does not exist as an MA History candidate in the records of the Manipur University in the academy session of 2003.

The petitioner also said Lokeshwar`™s bio-data also showed his father`™s name as the Late Th Navakumar Singh.

Singhajit said he has filed two cases, one with the ECI on August 21, 2013 and another with the CJM Imphal East A Noutuneshori, Case No 35 of 2015.

Lokeshwar has been charged under CRPC 200 (Using as true such declaration knowing it to be false)/ 177 (Furnishing false information) by the CJM court and has been summoned for appearance before the court on April 16, 2015.

Singhajit said Thokchom Lokeshwar Singh`™s wife is Thokchom Nividita Devi daughter of Th Navakumar Singh.

He also said that if by any chance Th Navakumar Singh had adopted Oinam Lokeshwar Singh as his son, then there must exist some documentary evidence of this.

He however said an adoption of an adult of more than 18 years of age by a person who already has four sons and two daughters is very unlike.

He said that he is hopeful that the law of the land will bring justice in the matter.


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