MPYCC urges PM to take action against Giriraj for his remark


IMPHAL, April 3: The Manipur Pradesh Youth Congress Committee (MPYCC) staged a sit-in protest today here infront of the Congress Bhavan, BT Road, protesting against the remark made by Union Minister Giriraj Singh on INC president Sonia Gandhi.

Speaking to media at the sideline of the protest, Phungyar MLA Victor Keishing who is the youth in charge of MPYCC said a Union Minister who had taken the oath to serve the nation cannot make such derogatory remark and is highly condemnable.

He maintained that it was not a political issue neither an issue of supporting Sonia Gandhi alone but a great concern for the whole country for commenting such uncivilized comment against a woman which should not be tolerated by anyone.

While saying that there was an issue of terming the North East people of India as `Immigrant`™ and now `sexist and racist`™ to a woman, he questioned the BJP government whether it is working for the welfare of the people or for differentiating and dividing the people of the country.

Prime Minister Nadendra Modi mentioned his main motive is to protect and serve the women with respect however he is still keeping mum regarding the issue, he questioned.

The MPYCC strongly urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take up action against the Union Minister for making such comments to a woman, Victor Keishing added.


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