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Kanarjit`s Global Youth Icon Award cancelled

By Paojel Chaoba

IMPHAL, May 30: Kangujam Kanarjit Singh`™s `Global Youth Icon Award 2015`™ has been cancelled. This was confirmed from the International Youth NGO Summit (IYONS) 2015, Head of co-ordinations committee, Thamim Ansari on Friday.

The cancellation came after various charges were brought to the attention of the IYONS organizers.

They became aware of his fraudulent activities when this newspaper published stories exposing his con activities.

It may be mentioned that on May 20 last, Kanarjit had sent out a press release to the media mentioning that he along with Malala Yousafzai (Nobel Peace Prize winner) and Felix Finkbeiner (German child activist) have been nominated jointly to receive the Global Youth Icon award 2015.

The award was to be handed over during the Meet on July 25 by former President Dr Abdul Kalam at Marg Swarnabhoomi, Chennai.

In the press release he had claimed of winning many awards including Dr Ambedkar National Award, 2013. (He later owned up that he did not receive the award). He also claimed that he initiated relief, rescue and rehabilitation of the Nepal earthquake for the first time in the World.

He was exposed by IFP report on May 24 edition under the banner headline, `Global Youth Icon or `Con`™ Icon.`

The investigation was followed up further exposing his criminal activities of duping locals by not paying out due bills of Youth Meets in 2014, 2015 and travel allowance for foreign delegates, misusing the name of UNESCO and of the Club 25 international, of using an unauthorized flag post, falsely charging a minister, etc. among others.

As reports of this came to IYONS organizers, Kanarjit was mailed by them seeking a clarification from his end on May 23 last.

It read, `We are in position now to hold your participation and award nomination. Hence please give the necessary justification to IYONS Board against the allegations and submit your proofs of all awards/recognition which you received before to consider your selection.`

He was given till May 27 to prove his side of the story.

Kanarjit had previously mailed an impressive resume to IYONS for his nomination, he said he was Director of World Fund for Youth (Asia-Pacific Region), President of IYC, Project Director of MAMA project on DRR(UNESCO), former President of Manipur University Students Union, Country Coordinator at Millennium Campus Conference 2015 of United Nations held at New York, Coordinator of Anti Human Trafficking Cell of Indo-Myanmar Border, Member of IFRC, Member of ISBT, Member of Amnesty International, Member of International Press Association, Secretary of Eye Donor Youth Forum of North East India, Recipient of Governor`™s Award in 2014, Recipient of Dr Ambedkar National Award 2013, Organ Donor (Donated eye and other parts to Manipur State Blindness Control Society), Blood donor( Donated 24 times at the age of 23, he was born in 1991), World Traveler (Visited 48 countries), an Abolitionist and Global Feminist , Manipur State Coordinator of Disaster Response Team, Secretary General of Club 25 International etc. among others.

Kanarjit had sent his clarification starting with his invitation by IYONS, Payment receipts made to contractors, No objection certificates of work completion for youth meets and a clarification about UNESCO controversy. But, he had asked for more time to clear himself as he was presently `fighting for the truth.`™ However, due to the time limit extended by IYONS being over, the selection Board on May 28 had cancelled not only the award but also his participation.

The mail which was forwarded to this reporter states, `The time limit given by us to submit your proof of awards/recognitions has expired. We did not get any supporting documents justifying your Awards so far. Hence, we are withdrawing our confirmation of Global Youth Icon Award and your participation at IYONS 2015.`

Despite the tragic loss of reputation of the State due to Kanarjit`™s fraud activities, credible sources confirmed that a genuine Manipuri activist has been invited by IYONS to attend as a speaker at the Meet.

The mail further read, `The main intent behind the decision of honoring you was to encourage your social service.` So, Kanarjit has been officially rejected by the IYONS Board rules and regulations as he could not clear himself. The reason being evident that he made false claims to every organization or individual he met.

This con artist who was recently clarifying his stance that `after some time the truth will be known`™ at social media circles has deactivated his facebook account. This was after many concerned individuals questioned his credibility with facts that implicated him of many other fraudulent activities. This person also designates his qualification as a Master of Social Work which also is a fake merit, according to reliable sources from IGNOU and Manipur University. People who questioned his Katmandu donations and how much money was given there can arrive to the apparent conclusion also.

This paper has questioned in its headline whether Kanarjit was a `Global Youth Icon or a `Con`™ Icon` and this award cancellation proves that he is indeed a con man, who has tarnished the image of the State to outsiders, cheated investors, tried to defame ministers, dragged two lady delegates into a sexual harassment controversy and maligned the reputes of genuine organizations for his personal gains. Complainants and concerned organizations have questioned why this fraud is still not being arrested for his crimes.



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