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Kanarjit Kangujam ‘Youth icon’ cheated local businessmen, victimized foreign delegates

Kangujam Kanarjit - Youth icon cheated local businessmen, victimized foreign delegates
Kangujam Kanarjit – Youth icon cheated local businessmen, victimized foreign delegates

By Paojel Chaoba

IMPHAL, May 27: Further exposing the fraud perpetrated by K Kanarjit, self acclaimed general secretary of Club 25 International Manipur, private firms and individuals whom he duped have come out complaining of his nefarious activities.
It may be mentioned that Kanarjit had clarified to the media earlier during a press conference that he had no dues to clear. He was reacting to IFP report mentioning him of not clearing bills related to the Global Youth Meet held in 2014.

Today, disgruntled individuals and self help groups claimed with proper documents that Kanarjit has not cleared their outstanding dues since 2014.

`We have been duped by this person and he refuses to pay the dues, we are seeking the help of the media to show this person for the fraud he truly is, we seek justice from the concerned authorities,` Khomdram Sunil, manager of Vegetable and Fruits Development self-help group told media persons at Manipur Press Club.

Similar complaints were raised from Universal Printers, Backward Development Organization, Oneiric Circle, CCC Media, M/s Joy Enterprises that Kanarjit has swindled them.

They said that he has been postponing payment by giving one excuse or the other.

K Sunil further said that he was made to pay Rs 8 lakhs as an advance amount to Kanarjit for contracting the stage decorations, hall hiring and supplying mementoes for the Global Youth Meet, 2014. `He has paid me Rs 6,60,000 till date out of the total Rs 24,60,200 owed`, he said.

`What he gave does not even amount to the deposit I paid him. He owes me Rs 18,30,200 still. I had mortgaged my father`™s pension book for the advance deposit and am still paying interest. I sold my car just recently,` he added that his firm had donated Rs 1,20,000 for the Youth Meet on the request of Kanarjit.

Joy Enterprises had built the gate at MFDC for the 2014 Meet, the total cost was Rs 80,000. `I caught him, took away his car keys and detained him at my office,` proprietor Joy added that Kanarjit was let go after he paid Rs 20,000 but still owes him Rs 60,000.

As per complaint by other firms, Kanarjit owes Rs 8.66 lacs to Sharma Sandesh Centre. They had catered for the meals for the Meet. He owes Rs 4,85,000 to CCC Media for photography and films. A sum of Rs 13.54 lacs approximately to Oneiric Circle. He owes Universal Printers Rs 2 lacs. The complainants said that there are more people whom Kanarjit owes money for the last two youth events.

The said they were lured by Kanarjit Singh saying that the meet was an UNESCO program and had advertised so in the papers. It may be mentioned that the Meet was organized then as under `UNESCO Youth Foundation, Asia Pacific Region regional office in collaboration with Club 25 International (USA). Kanarjit also opened his account under UNESCO Youth Foundation at Bank of Baroda. He later removed the UNESCO logo and acronym after being warned by UN authorities.

Kanarjit had insisted that the advance amount was necessary as per international norms of UNESCO, according to the complainants. He also assured them by saying that it was an International event, the Chief Minister, Governor and foreign nationals were attending. Sources said Kanarjit even circulated false claims that the program would be attended by Aung San Suu Kyi and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

They said that Kanarjit has been victimizing them for long, as his earlier promise was to clear bills within 72 hours of conclusion of the youth meet. Even after the 2015 World Youth Summit, he still has not cleared dues. It may be mentioned that besides deceiving the local contractors, Kanarjit also duped the foreign delegates. He had assured travelling allowance of 300 dollars to foreign delegates, but did not honor this commitment. According to a delegate from Bangladesh, he had seen many foreign delegates crying when Kanarjit refused to pay the amount. `They thought they would get a bursary like 300USD, I have also done same and managed my travel to Imphal as Kanarjit Singh told me everything is fine and will give the amount to bear the travel cost.` He mentioned that Kanarjit when confronted by the delegates had even shouted and threatened them. He had said that since the Meet was over, the travelling problems and other financial matters were totally their own. One of Kanarjit`™s cronies had told this Bangladeshi delegate that Kanarjit is a dangerous man and he might do something illegal like putting contraband in his suitcase and may end up in jail. `Many delegates try to raise their voice but due to the personal security, they were silent. As a Bangladeshi delegate, I have spent 28,000 taka (350 USD) for my travel to Imphal, but I got only 5000 Rs. Now my question is not about the money. I am asking the delegates what you gain from this conference ? What is our lesson ? For me, it was wasting my time and money, my friends asked me about Manipur but I took the opportunity to be silent. This man cheated our soft hearts, what culture will we share about Manipur.` This chain letter sent to delegates of the Meet ascertains that Kanarjit not only cheated and victimized foreign delegates but also promoted Manipur as negatively as possible.

The local contractors also said today that even if a real international youth event happens here, no one will be willing to take part. `How can they even consider this fraud for a youth icon award,` said L Deben Singh, secretary of Backward Development Organization. The victims formed a Joint Action Committee today after the press meet and resolved to file charges against Kanarjit. They also appealed to concerned authorities and organizations to investigate the matter and for justice to be done.



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