BJP mahila president takes potshots at Congress Mahila mandal demand for women reservation in Parliament


IMPHAL, July 19: The Congress demanding woman reservation in the Parliament is good but it is mistimed and could be a ploy to divert the present issue of Inner Line Permit System in the State, BJP Mahila Morcha Manipur Pradesh president RK Pramodini claimed.

Speaking to this reporter, Pramodini said the Congress should not forget that they were in power for 10 longs years in the Centre and is in power in the State for 13 years and continuing.

She was reacting to a demand of the Congress Mahila Mandal president.

Women reservation in Parliament is good but they never considered the same while they were in power for such a long time and now they are making the demand after the BJP came to power, she said.

If the Congress is really considerate of the women reservation, they could have done it during their time, she complained.

Don`™t speak on the issue and make a fool of yourself if you don`™t have proper knowledge of the woman reservation bill history, she said ridiculing the demand.

She demanded as to why the Congress is silent on the Food Security Act which is still not implemented in the State although it is already implemented in other States.

The BJP, she said honours the women.

BJP general secretary organisation L Boby Devi asked if the Congress Mahila Mandal is keen on women reservation although it has never extended any help to the family of Sapam Robinhood killed in the ILPS rally.

She demanded if they have ever raised their voice demanding justice for the family.

They are only trying to divert from the burning issue, she said.


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