Henglep MLA disappointed with `insufficient` local area development fund


LAMKA, July 19: Henglep MLA T Manga Vaiphei who is also the chairman of the MTDC had inaugurated a new community hall at Torbung Village, Henglep sub-division yesterday.

The inaugural of the 100 by 40 feet hall was also attended by Henglep SDO Soimimlien as functional president.

Speaking on the occasion, the local MLA said the amount allotted as the MLA Local Area Development Fund is too little for the entire constituency of Henglep. But soon, the Henglep sub-division will be bifurcated into two for which has been already approved by the cabinet.

This will ease the taking up development work for the people.

He said only Rs 1 crore for his MLA Local Area Development Fund is too little for a constituency like Henglep which is considered the most backward and inaccessible.

He continued construction of a road from Tollen Village till Ukha Leikai will be started soon.

Vaiphei also said there is also a plan to construct community halls in various places at the earliest.

Such community halls are usually constructed under the BRGF Scheme, however, on several occasions, the fund are found to be insufficient like the one which is being inaugurated, he said.

The construction of the hall started under BRGF Scheme fund but had to take fund from the TD and his MLA Local Area Development fund, he said.

The hall was construction with Rs 15 lakhs, he said.

He continued that in order to help the citizens while exercising their franchise, he had set up more than five polling centres, one of which was in Tollen village.

Soiminlien said people should be aware that it is inappropriate and not right for people with houses to apply for IAY which is only for those who cannot afford one on their own.

He appealed to the people not to continue with such practice.

He said he is aware of such practice, because he is himself directly dealing with the IAY.

There are two ways of development, one being individual development and the other one is community development, he said.

Today`™s inauguration of the community hall is a part of community development, he said adding that all the people must try and go for community development that will bring all round development to the community while the individual one will never help develop the community at large.

The chief of Tollen village also organise a feast for the MLA and his party and village folks to show their gratitude to the MLA and said without the MLA`™s personal involvement the construction would not have been completed wanting more fund for completion.


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