Consult constitutional experts, BJP advises govt


IMPHAL, July 20: BJP, Manipur Pradesh president Th Chaoba today advised the State government to consult constitutional experts regarding the drafting of the new bill.

Speaking to media persons after announcing extension of the party state office bearers today, Chaoba said the Congress government is wasting time instead of consulting the constitutional experts.

He said the BJP welcomes the open invitation of the deputy Chief Minister to the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System and other stakeholders for talks.

It means that the Congress government has atlast heard the cries of the public, he said.

At the same time, he asked why the government is delaying in inviting constitutional experts to discuss the drafting of the bill.

Chaoba also reiterated its earlier stand that the bill should not infringe on subjects listed under Union list like migrants and labours.

He also said that with aim of strengthening the party in the State, it has extended the office bearers.

In 2012, the number of BJP members was only 12000, but after the recent nation-wide enrolment drive, the members of BJP have reached 300000 in the State, he said.

He said newly appointed vice presidents of the BJP, Manipur Pradesh are V Hangkhalian (former minister), S Satybhama Devi, Dr RK Ranjan Singh, Md AR Khan, I Mangiton Singh and Adim Pamei.


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