Terminate personnel who shot at Sapam Robinhood: Transporters` bodies


IMPHAL, July 20: This is not the time for the government to wait for an enquiry into the death of Sapam Robinhood, but it must take immediate punitive action against those police personnel involved in shooting at students who were in school uniforms, according to Manipur Truck Owners`™ Welfare Association president H Ranjit.

Speaking to media persons today at the MG Avenue office of the Truck Drivers`™ Council, Ranjit said several transporters`™ body of the State convened a joint meeting and have unanimously resolved to extend full support to the ongoing movement demanding implementation of the ILPS or a similar legislation which is under the ambit of the Indian Constitution in the State.

He said the transporters`™ bodies also condemned the death due to police firing at a student rally on July 8.

He said the transporters extend moral support to the bereaved family and share their grievances.

Ranjit said the government should take immediate action against the police personnel who intentionally fired the tear gas shells and rubber bullets aimed at the students who were taking out a rally in a democratic manner.

The concern authorities should immediately terminate the police personnel involved in the death of the student and conduct a departmental or judicial inquiry for further action, Ranjit said.

The transporters`™ main demand is for the government to deliver justice to the victim`™s family, he asserted.

The irresponsible and ill-trained police officers under whom the arrogant police personnel were acting with excessive violence leaving a student dead and many others injured should be held responsible for all such police excesses.

He said the government should not delay further in taking action against the involved personnel and the enquiry may be taken up later.

There is no need for the delay and waiting for an inquiry as the authorities are aware of the names of the personnel and officers who were present at the location when the incident happened, he continued.

It was the arrogance of the police personnel that killed young Sapam Robinhood, he continued.

It is unfortunate that the government has failed to seriously consider the public demand till today, he said.

He said the transporters have also decided during today`™s meeting to support all forms of agitation called by the JAC of Robinhood and the JCILPS, and as such will cease their activities inside the State immediately.

The transporters further appeals to the government to bring an amicable solution to the ongoing issue with the JCILPS and the JAC, he said.

Today`™s meeting of the transporters`™ bodies was attended by president and secretary of All Manipur Truck Owner`™s Welfare Association, All Manipur Transporters`™ Drivers and Motor Workers Union, Bus Owner`™s Union of Manipur, All Manipur Inter-Bus, Winger and Cruiser Driver`™s Welfare Union, Indo-Myanmar Road Self-employed Van Association Imphal and Moreh Tata Sumo, Jeep Welfare Association.


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