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Curfew fails to deter agitators; rallies, sit-in held at several places

Manipur ILP Demand intensified
Manipur ILP Demand intensified: An injured protester carried away by Police

IMPHAL, July 10: For the second consecutive day, protestors continue to take out rallies, block roads and confront the police in different parts of the State capital amid a curfew.

The agitation demanding the withdrawal of the Manipur Regulation of Visitors, Tenants and Migrant Workers Bill and implementation of a proper Bill which could safeguard the indigenous people of the State took a serious turn in the aftermath of the death of a student of the Ananda Singh Higher Secondary School on June 8 in police action during a protest rally.

Curfew has been imposed in the twin districts of Imphal since July 9, as protestors come out to the streets and imposed road blocks.

For the second day today, protestors defied the curfew and came out to the streets.

A huge number of Khetrigao constituency residents tried to storm MLA Amin Shah`™s residence around 1pm but were stopped by the police.

The protestors wanted to talk to the MLA on the present ILPS issue.

It is also learnt that Nambol residents had also tried to storm the residence of local MLA Nameirakpam Loken but the police thwarted the attempt around 3pm.

However, protestors continue to burn tyres, place tree branches, rock boulders and iron posts on the roads. Sit in protests were also staged in different parts of the State including at Kongba crossing, Khongman Mangjil, Singjamei Bheigyabati leikai.

Heavy clashes between the agitators and the security forces were also witnessed in several localities.

Police fired tear gas shells, rubber bullets, threw mock bombs, lathi-charged trying to disperse the protestors, while, the protestors replied by shooting catapults and pelting stones.

Many were injured on the protestors`™ side, while some police personnel were also injured.

At Lairikyengbam Leikai, the JAC formed in connection to the death of Sapam Robinhood organised a mass rally.

The rally started from Lairikyengbam Leikai and continued till Lamlongthong where it was met by a strong police team.

Soon a tussle ensued between the protestors and the police. In the tussle, the angered protestors threw the police barricade into the Imphal River. They also shouted demands to safeguard the indigenous people, save Manipur, save North East people.

The protestors also shouted at the police that the demand was also for the police and their families and `Take our lives, but don`™t destroy our Home, please, we are eager to sacrifice for the ILPS.`

After the brief tussle, they returned back and took the rally upto Popular High School and return back.

During their return they tried to march towards the State Assembly building where the last day of the 11th session of the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly was underway.

They were again stopped by security personnel along the Dingku Road.

During the process, an IRB personnel fired from his service rifle resulting in the protestors turning violent and throwing stones at the police personnel who also fired back rubber bullets, tear gas shells and lobbed mock bombs.

Several protestors were injured and some were arrested by the police.

Similar agitations were also witnessed at Wangkhei, Singjamei, Kakwa, Canchipur, MU Gate, Khagempalli, Keishamthong, Thangmeibad, Sagolband, Urikok, Naoremthong, Prompat DC road, Langthabal etc.

Road blocks were also reported from outside the Imphal area at Khonghampat Mayai Leikai, Tendongyan, Sekmai, Maharabi etc along the National highway no 2.

Police had also reportedly fired bullets at Khonghampat Mayai Leikai to disperse the protestors, informed sources. Effigies of the MLAs were also burnt at Sanakeithel Lamphel.

Meira rallies were also taken out during the night. Effigies of all 57 MLAs were hanged at Singjamei.



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