Mass rally against Demographic Invasion organised in Delhi by MSAD



20150727_133337Delhi, July 27: A mass rally was organized under the banner of 1. Against the State Policy of Demographic Invasion. Implement Manipur State Permit System (MSPS) / ILP and 2. Protest the Brutality of State Forces in Suppressing Democratic Movement in Manipur. The Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD) with Manipur Young Mind Association Delhi and Fight You Are Not Alone and individuals have reaffirmed our commitments to protect the history, culture, population and future of Manipur from the continuous state policy of demographic invasion. As a result, lakhs of population have influx in the state of Manipur that have threatened the existence of the people of Manipur.

The rally was started from Mandi House at 11:30 a.m. and gathered at Jantar Mantar Parliament Street. Around 300 protesters were present at the rally. The protesters were shouted the following slogans a. Chingmi-Tammi Kallu, b. Amend Indian Constitution c. Implement Manipur Sate Permit System / ILPS c. CM Ibobi Down Down d. PM Modi Down Down e. Meethibong Meetambalsing Fam Thadok-u f. Long Live People’s Struggle g. Save Save Manipur h. Stop State Terrorism i. Long Live Robinhood and j. People United Will Never be Defeated. At the meantime, a memorandum was submitted to the President and Prime Minister of India.

The Demographic Invasion is rooted in the State policy. Historically, the entry of outsiders was always checked and regulated on the basis of Manipur’s capacity to absorb them. However, the official policy of unregulated influx of outsiders began when the then Dominion of India, imposed order to enlist refugees from the then East-Pakistan into the electoral list of Manipur. Thereafter, following the annexation of Manipur in October 1949, the Government of India, on 18 November 1950, abolished the pre-existing Permit System which had been regulating the entry of outsiders into Manipur.


The demands are as follows:

 (I) Enactment and implementation of a law that will protect the people of Manipur from the state policy of Demographic Invasion that have threatened the polity, economy, culture and history of the peoples of Manipur. The law must incorporate the following points:


  1. Not to allow the non-Manipuris to own land and permanent residence in Manipur.
    1. The right to discretion, regarding issuance of permission to an exceptional non-Manipuri individual to enjoy permanent residence in Manipur, on the basis of his/ her contribution towards the progress of Manipuri society, will be rested with the peoples of Manipur.
    2. Outsider project companies, corporate bodies, and the State must not enjoy the power to acquisition individual and community owned lands without the free prior informed consents of the peoples who will be affected by the projects.
  1. Issuance of passes or permits to the non-Manipuri.
    1. Entry passes, with limited validity, should be issued to tourists, professionals and visitors.

3. The year 1951 should be recognised as the base year to detect the non-Manipuris.

  1. A full-fledged government department should be set up to regulate the entry of non-Manipuris.
    1. Regarding this, there should be a monitoring committee composed of civil society organizations, to check the transparency and functioning of the department.
  1. The constitution of India should be amended accordingly, to enact and implement a law to protect and safeguard the rights of the peoples of Manipur. — “In keeping with the historicity and contemporary needs of Manipur as a geo-political entity whose existence, as the first Schedule of the Indian Constitution acknowledges, precedes the adoption of the Constitution of India, all necessary constitutional and administrative steps must be taken to protect and preserve the Manipur State and her indigenous people.”
  1. Either the Government of Manipur or the Union Government of India should not enact any legislation or administrative steps that go against the spirit and letter of above basic demands.


(II) Our position on State repression, and killing of a class XI student and injury of democratic protesters:

1.  The Government of India must immediately stop repression on democratic movements in Manipur.

2. The Government of India must immediately lift the imposition of curfew and shutting down of educational establishments (since July 8 2015) in Manipur that have been carried out in the name of law and order.

3. The Government of India must not suspend the democratic rights of the students to take part in the people’s democratic movement in Manipur.

4. The Government of India must immediately punish the police personnel responsible for the killing of a class XI science student Sapam Robinhood on July 8, 2015 and severe injuries of 100 of students and protesters who were demanding a law to protect the rights of the peoples of Manipur. In this regards, actions must be taken up against the Home Minister and the Director General of Police, Manipur.


The meeting strongly endorsed to adopt these approaches to be adopted by the people who are part of the ongoing movement for Manipur State Permit System.


  1.  An open dialogue for all the communities of Manipur would be held during the ongoing movement for demanding MSP (Manipur State Permit).
  2. Political class and political consciousness programs would be held for the mass awareness.
  3.  Any anti – non-Manipuri / communal discourses would not be inserted in the process of mobilization. We should condemn such practices that has been done in the name of the movement.
  4.  Demographic invasion is rooted in state policies. Demographic invasion is systematically done by the state policies and the target of the movement would be against the state and its policies and would not be against the non Manipuries / outsiders who have come for their livelihood.


After the rally protesters were rushed to the residence of Dr. Th. Meinya, MP Lok Sabha. Initially he was reluctantly to come to meet the protesters. It was informed that until and unless he come out and received the demands of the people who were standing outside the gate we would not go back even if necessary we were ready to go to be arrested by the police. Finally he came out and he was submitted only one line demand that is resigned from the post of MP immediately. The protester were shouted slogans a. MP Meinya Fam Thadok-u b. Ikai khangdaba Toklasi c. Khudakta Fam Thadok-u d. Meethibong Meetambal Fam Thadok-u.


Unity is Victory



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