The final bell of a true leadership


By Dr Longjam Robindro

Once again our State Manipur is in a long heated turbulence with continual strikes, hate-speeches in assembly and public spheres, curfews, etc. because of the debate on whether the ILPS should be imposed in Manipur or not.

Now, Certainly the State is in dire need of “a real leader/politician” with vision, that will lead this debate in a constructive and objective manner; A leader that will immediately react to any sign of instability in the state, especially in a state where prejudice, ignorance, anger and hatred seemed to had fed most “debates”; A leader that is more concerned about the well-being of all of the people that constitutes this State, rather than for his personal growth and well-being; A leader that can lead, communicate, express and inspires hope with a vision of a united state; Finally a leader with integrity, maturity of mind, and intellect; A true leader that we are proud to follow.

But at the present scenario, I believe that our current political leadership is totally incapable and inefficient to deal with the real issues of ILPS. Hopefully that kinda leader would positively surface very soon out-of-the-shadows.


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