Nagaland: Former Speaker Lohe lambasted Zeliang for disrespecting local sentiments


KOHIMA, Aug 25 (NEPS): Former Nagaland Assembly Speaker Z Lohe lambasted the TR Zeliang Government for relentlessly pursuing for setting up of “Rani Gaidinliu Memorial Museum or Statue” here at the State capital, Kohima much against the wishes of the citizens of the State.

Talking to NEPS here on Tuesday, the veteran politician questioned the very motive of Chief Minister Zeliang for his going ahead with the proposals of setting up of “Rani Gaidinliu’s Memorial” centers at Kohima in the midst of oppositions from all the quarters.

Lohe said Nagas were Christians and Zeliang himself was basically a Christian. “How can he (Zeliang) worship Rani Gaidinliu who was a cult leader,” he asked. He also questioned as to how a building can be dedicated to a “cult leader” and where was the relevance here in Nagaland.

“In fact, we have so many Naga pioneers like AZ Phizo, Dr Imkongliba, P Shilu Ao, to name a few, and without whose leadership and sacrifices, people of Nagaland would not have come this far,” Lohe stated and said, “It will only be befitting to have any memorial statues or museums or institutions in their names in our State.”

The Government should respect the sentiments of the people because going ahead with such proposals to the extent of setting up a statue, museum, etc. in the name of a cult leader at the cost of indigenous local people was tantamount to disrespecting their sentiments and generations, Lohe asserted. “Such moves are nothing but a big insult to the people of Nagaland,” he said.

The former Nagaland Assembly Speaker, who was also Adviser to former Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, also alleged that Zeliang had no any other interests but to make money out of such proposals with the support of Center where the BJP was at the helm of affairs. There were anxieties that the RSS would take advantage from the present development in Nagaland in order to promote their Hindu ideology. “But we cannot allow this thing to happen in Nagaland,” he stated.


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