Chothe Village hosts peaceful coexistence meet


BISHNUPUR, October 25: A public meeting on the theme `Peaceful coexistence` was today convened at the Lamlanghupi Chothe Village organised by the Apunba Nupi Lup ANUL Bishnupur.

The meeting was attended by ANUL Bishnupur president Sumati Oinam, Art and Culture of Chothe chairman Yuhlung Maipak Chothe, Lamlanghupi Chothe Village vice chairman Thao Jatra Chothe, UCM vice president Sunil Karam and Mapi Council advisor Th Manihar as presidium members.

ANUL Bishnupur organization secretary Khaidem Pramo speaking on the occasion said the meeting was organised to maintain the peaceful co-existence of the different communities in the State following the signing of the peace accord between the NSCN (IM) and the GoI which is an attempt to create a divide by driving a wedge between the communities.

Sumati said the people of the hills and the valley are from the same ancestors and should maintain the unity and love which has been there for long.

She continued when the train arrives in the State, if the indigenous people continue to remain indifferent and aloof from one another, there is possibilities of the indigenous people going extinct.

She further encouraged the need for the people to be united.

Yuhlung Maipak Chothe said using separate terminology for people of the hills and the valley as `Chingmi`™ and `Tammi`™ is a main caused for the loss of love among the people.

It is better not to use the separate words at all, he observed.

There is no difference between the hills and the valley, he said.

The gods of the Meiteis live in the hill tops signifying that the Meiteis had also originated from the hills, he elaborated.

He said all the communities should live together peacefully by understanding the fact that all the people are from the same ancestors.

Manihar said the Indian government is trying to create a wedge among the communities of Manipur by driving a wedge among them.

He further called upon all to forget separate land for the Nagas, separate land for the kukis and to live together peacefully.


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