MUDRA scheme a failure in Tamenglong: BJP executive member


IMPHAL, October 7: BJP Manipur Pradesh executive member Daniel Malangmei has claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi`™s new scheme MUDRA bank scheme has been reduced meaningless in Tamenglong district.

Speaking to media persons, Daniel claimed that bankers to providing loans under the scheme to their relatives while neglecting the others.

He said he will soon submit a complaint to the Prime Minister on the anomalies.

There is only one nationalised bank in Tamenglong Headquarter which is the UBI branch and there in none in Tamei and Tousem sub-division, he added.

There are two banks in Noney area namely Manipur Rural Bank and SBI branch, he said.

In the district, relatives of bankers can easily avail the loans under the MUDRA Scheme, whereas the real intended beneficiaries who are the poorer section of the society who live in Tamei and Tousem which are about 50 km and 150 km further from the district Headquarter cannot even get forms, he claimed.

He further claimed that managers of the banks had asked the people to open a bank account in Imphal or to bring an account which is opened at Imphal.

He said he will soon submit a complaint on these regards to the Prime Minister and the State BJP president.

He further appealed to the concerned authorities of the nationalised banks to open their branches in Tamei and Tousem areas so that the people can easily avail the schemes.


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